Venezuelan Men: Top Tips for Dating Venezuelan Guys

Venezuelans are perceived to be amongst the most vibrant people in the world. All that is thanks to their passion for dance and music. Friendly nature, sociable personalities, and accented Spanish are typical of Venezuelans, making them all the hotter!

But what else should you know about Venezuelan guys? And how to date them successfully?

Here are our top tips!

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What are Venezuelan Men Like?

Europeans and North Americans find Venezuelan men extra attractive for many reasons, some of them being:

They have exotic looks

A majority of men belong to a mixed European and Indian lineage. The resulting mixed ethnicity gives them a rugged appearance, which is an instant hit with the ladies.

Even if you’re the kind of gal who doesn’t have a type, you’ll find Venezuelan men to be particularly captivating. Besides their mixed European and Indian heritage, most Venezuelan men are tall with a natural tan.

Their eyes are a deep, sensual brown that adds mystery when you make eye contact. Their hair is dark and can be wavy if he opts to grow it out. 

They’re stylish

Venezuelan men aren’t just good-looking because of their exotic looks. They also know how to dress to impress, and the best part is how they can do it naturally without looking like they are trying too hard. They will dress casually in clothes that they are very comfortable with and stick to trendy shorts or jeans with a nice shirt.

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Thorough gentlemen

Venezuela, like the rest of Latin America, is a very traditional country. Male and female roles are strictly followed here.

That means two things:

  • he’ll take charge and display his masculine side
  • he’ll be a gentleman to you

Expect him always to pay the bill, hold open doors for you, and give you nice compliments that are sensual but not creepy.

Loyal to their families

They grow up in big families, and it is common for generations to stay together. It is normal for children well into their twenties to live with parents and grandparents. They may or may not move out after marrying a Venezuelan woman.

They honor traditional gender roles

Venezuelan societies are still some way from endorsing modern views about gender equality. It is easy to notice when you see men taking up more demanding jobs and venturing out while women stay put at home, happily taking charge of the household chores.

Though things are changing, Venezuelan men with a modern outlook are more an exception than an example.

The Venezuelan dating culture

As mentioned before, Venezuelans follow traditional gender roles. It’s always the men who take the lead, and they’re in charge of things like:

  • coming up with an idea on where to go or what to do for a date
  • paying for restaurant meals and drinks
  • making sure you get home safe, etc.

It’s also very common for Venezuelans to date casually without marriage or a long-term relationship in mind.

Most Venezuelans begin dating in their teen years, with most ‘dates’ occurring either at school or afterward.

Most Venezuelans meet organically, and this continues into their young adult years (although the use of dating apps and sites certainly has risen). Since most Venezuelan men grew up meeting women organically, it’s considered appropriate for them to approach a woman on the street they like.

If a Venezuelan guy is seriously interested in a woman for marriage, he’s expected to win the approval of her family and her father’s blessing for marriage.

Bachelor and bachelorette parties are held to celebrate following a successful proposal, which will be followed by a large religious ceremony for the wedding.

Where to meet Venezuelan men

As just mentioned, Venezuelan men are used to meeting women in-person organically, but the use of dating apps and sites has become a lot more common.

In fact, meeting Venezuelan men online is perhaps the easiest way to do so now. Try


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What is it like to date Venezuelan men?

While dating Venezuelan men, you should keep yourself open for a roller-coaster of emotions. Here are a few points to keep in mind:

Speaking Spanish helps

As with any culture, talking to a man in his primary language goes a long way in breaking the ice. Emotions do not get lost in translation, and you get a closer feel of his culture. Literal translations might cause a big misunderstanding, as te amo and te quiero both translate into I love you but carry very different meanings!

You should learn to salsa

Partying, socializing, and dancing are inseparable for Venezuelan societies. They can get started with dancing anywhere – in a restaurant, café or street! Playing along can be a great ice-breaker, and your man will be happy to see your efforts in the relationship.

Family is their #1 priority

Family plays an essential part in the way Venezuelan men and relationships progress. Your man might introduce you to his family early, sometimes right after the first date. It is a platform to flaunt his girl and seek approval to take the relationship forward.

They’re proud of their culture

If you are wondering what do Venezuelan men like in their girls, try taking an interest in their culture. Venezuelans are proud of their heritage and are very happy to talk about it, especially with foreigners.

Expect machismo

The courtship period is the happiest in any relationship. It is when things get serious that you need to see where it is headed. Venezuelan men have an element of machismo – it’s been a part of their culture for centuries. They often take different views about the freedom a man and a woman get in a relationship.

He’ll treat you like he treats all the ladies in his life

If you are apprehensive about how he might behave with you, take a close look at how he treats other women in his life. If his mom or sister is making his bed, doing his clothes, and cooking for him while he is out drinking with friends all night, you would likely have to do the same.

What do Venezuelan Men Expect from Their Partners?

Venezuelan Guy

Despite there being a conscious effort to transition towards European/North American culture, one can quickly notice that Venezuela is still a patriarchal society. Venezuela has laws that give equal rights to both men and women, but society is yet to subscribe to them entirely.

Be a homemaker

If you are contemplating moving in with your man or marrying him, you should know that most traditional Venezuelan men would expect you to take up a homemaker’s role. Though the conventional boundaries are breaking, and women are joining the workforce, it is not common.

They’ll want children fast

It is taken for granted that you would have his baby shortly after marriage and be pretty much on your own when it comes to the child’s upbringing.

You’ll have to do a lot yourself

It is a harsh reality that sharing the household responsibilities is considered a compromise on ego by Venezuelan men. Even if he wants to help, the social norms will prevent him from doing so.

Family should be your #1 priority too

A nuclear family is a relatively new concept in Venezuela. Your man would want you to embrace his (large) family and treat all the members as your own. Even if you are staying away, you should take care of the family the best you can and put the family’s interests above your own.

Accept cheating as a part of life

When it comes to sex, the gender gap comes to the fore. Men sleeping around with girls despite having a wife or girlfriend at home is taken as a sign of virility and strength. They are allowed to cheat and have one-night stands. However, the rules are very different for women, who must stay at home and be OK with their man partying and drinking all night long with friends.


Dating Venezuelan men is pretty much like dating a Venezuelan woman, it can be fun and adventurous – an experience you must have, especially if you are a foreigner to the country. The country is full of scenic attractions, and there’s nothing better than having a hot man showing you around.

No matter how much you like the initial period, you need to set your priorities right and think deeply before taking a long-term view of your relationship. We do not wish to discourage you and hope your man turns out the way you want him to be.

For the moment, enjoy the company of your Venezuelan hottie and have a blast with him for the time you are in the country!

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