Dating in Latin America: Latino Stereotypes, Cultures, Customs

So you have decided to date a South American single on Amolatina? Well you, my friend, are in for a treat.

There are many good reasons why these people are considered among the most desirable on the planet. From their devastatingly good looks to their undeniable kitchen skills, you will have a lot to enjoy in your relationship.

However, dating a Latino or Latina is not like any other experience you may have had. The South American dating culture is fascinating and is something that you may have to do some adapting to.

Here are a few tips for getting the most of your South American dating experience.

Leave all the stereotypes at the door

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There are many stereotypes about people from this region. Most of them revolve around Latin American girls focusing on their personalities and temperament.

Do not hold anyone you date to these standards. Everyone is different here. There are, of course, the feisty hotheaded stereotypical Latinos that you will interact with. And there is nothing wrong with them. But the majority will surprise you with their unexpected personalities. Below are a few more typecast that you should let go of:

  • They all have feisty and argumentative characters.
  • They are all materialistic Gringo-hunters.
  • They are all religious. Well, most of them are but not all.
  • They may be associated with gang-related activities.
  • The list is endless.

Find ways to improve your appetite; you’ll need it

It might come as a bit of a contradiction considering the previous point, but if there is one thing Latin people are passionate about it is their food. It is probably the one stereotype that is founded on facts. Whether it is Mexican tamales, beautiful Peruvian girls or Ecuadorian Llapingachos, prepare yourself for some food-filled dates. One secret that no one will tell you is that being a good cook is one of the quickest ways to win a Latina’s heart. It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman.

Get on his/her family’s good side

Family means everything to most Latin Americans. They have huge, loud, and loving families that you will be inducted into. Do not be surprised if soon after dating you are tagged along to a family birthday party or baptism.

As such, you need to get on your Latin partner’s good side if your relationship has any hope of surviving. That is because the person you date most likely will take his or her family’s opinion to heart when choosing how far to take things.

Make an effort to learn the language

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Latin and South American dating can be difficult if there is a significant language barrier. There are numerous different languages spoken all over the region. Some are international languages, while others are ethnic dialects specific to the natives of the different countries.

Learning your partner’s primary language will go a long way towards strengthening your relationship. It will help improve your communication while also showing your interest and commitment to the relationship. Below are a few of the major languages spoken in Central and South America.

  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Indigenous languages like Quechua, Guarani, and Aymara
  • European languages like Dutch and French

Tap into your inner social butterfly

A lot of Latinos have very bubbly and outgoing personalities. If you are a painfully shy recluse, then this might come as a bit of a challenge to you. He will want to introduce you to all his friends. She will want you to blend in at the random parties that you attend together.

The only way you can do this is by getting out of your comfort zone. Tap into your inner extrovert! If this is not your default personality, then it might be a little hard for you at first. Fortunately, Latin American partners are very patient and understanding, and yours will most likely ease you into this new way of life.

Keep up appearances

Whether you are dating Latin American women or men, one thing you have in store for you is eye candy galore. These people are impossibly beautiful whether you get yourself a curly-haired leggy blonde babe from Brazil or a tall, dark and handsome Colombian man or Mexican guy.

There is also an expectation for you as their partner to look great. Don’t panic; no one expects you to turn into an overnight Adonis. However, they do appreciate a partner who takes time to take care of his appearance. That includes proper hygiene and grooming, a healthy lifestyle, and a great sense of style. It’s not so hard, is it?

Work on your confidence

Not all Latinos are feisty and short-tempered. But something that most if not all of them have in common is their abundance of confidence. They are very self-assured and are more often than not drawn towards people with the same predisposition.

So work on being the most confident version of yourself. Just remember to tread the line between this sexy quality and cockiness, which is its repulsive opposite. And if you do not feel it just fake it until you do.

Take a dancing class or two

Dancing is a huge part of dating in Latin America. It is the global home of rhythm and dance and has produced some of the most sensational dance genres in history. A lot of Latino’s grow up dancing and will therefore probably take you on a dancing adventure or two during your relationship. It will make your dates a lot more fun if you can keep up with your partner’s moves. Here are a few for you to choose from:

  • Salsa
  • Mambo
  • Rumba
  • Paso Doble
  • Merengue

Bottom line

There are a lot of fun and great times ahead of you whether you go for a street food adventure or a fun family party. With the tips highlighted above, nothing should come as a surprise for you when dating your new Latino or Latina beau.

The most important thing to remember is the importance of not boxing anyone into a particular stereotype group. Give your partner a chance to surprise you, and you will love every moment of it.

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