Cuban Men: 7 Tips for Dating Cuban Guys

Cuba has just recently begun opening doors to the rest of the world, and what a trove of treasure we have found!

And I am not talking about their abundance of natural resources or their rum, spices, and cigars. I mean their devastatingly gorgeous papis, who are every woman’s dream!

If you are interested in finding love with a Cuban guy, here is all you need to know.

We will cover everything from:

What are Cuban men like?

What to expect when dating a Cuban man?

And the tips for dating a Cuban man.

Let’s get started! 

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What are Cuban men like?

Devilishly handsome looks

Hot Cuban guys come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. This beautiful diversity is a result of historical influences on ethnicity from Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Whether you like them tall and dark, built and caramel-skinned, or even a little Asian-looking, you will find someone for you. Just look at these three mega studs as examples:

They are very passionate and sensual

Like all the Latino guys, Cuban men love to love, and they are good at it, if you know what I mean. They are famous for being some of the most passionate and gifted in bed in all of Latin America. That will make for an exciting intimate connection in your relationship. 

They are drama kings

Like Cuban women, Cuban men can be very outspoken and, well, dramatic. They love to speak their mind even on things that you may consider petty. It can be either entertaining or frustrating, but it is something you will find interesting. 


Very determined and goal-oriented

Cuban men in relationships work just as hard to keep their partners happy as single ones chasing women do. They are very stubborn and will not give up on you easily. Whether they want a casual fling or have identified you as a potential future wife, the courtship will never really end. That is, of course, if he is genuinely interested. 

Love their families but not quick to start their own

Cuban men, like Brazilian men, value family life a lot. Much of their time will be spent at this cousin’s house or at that niece’s birthday party, and you will have to be okay with it. 

However, this does not mean that they are in any particular hurry to start their own families. They will strive to enjoy their freedom as long as possible. 

Most, if not all, have the Negocio instinct

Negocio is local slang for street smarts, and boy, do these Cuban studs have loads of it! Given the country’s economic status, many men here have had to learn the art of hustling.

They carry on with this mentality even when they are all settled and stable. So be ready to vet and support business idea after business idea as he works hard to make a better life for you two. 

Killer dance moves

Finally, these boys can bust a serious move. They love to dance and are very good at it, which comes as no surprise given the numerous traditional dances on their cultural roster. These include internationally recognized genres like:

  • Mambo 
  • Cha-cha-cha
  • Salsa/Casino
  • Reggaeton

Best Dating Sites to Meet Cuban Guys


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The pros of include a vast user base of Caribbean singles, diverse communication options, and a user-friendly interface. The cons include the need for a paid membership to access all features and the potential of encountering fake profiles. Keep in mind that the site’s focus on Caribbean singles may narrow your dating pool.

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What to know when dating a Cuban man?

Cuban men you can meet on or are very different in terms of what they want in a woman. That mainly applies to their preferences when it comes to physical appearances.

However, there are several traits that most, if not all, would love their potential future wives, girlfriends, or flings to have. Here are a few of them:

Always down to have some fun

These guys love to have fun. Whether it is a random adventure in the wild, a beach day out, or a night of club-hopping, there will never be a dull moment. And above all else, they want a woman with whom they can share these remarkable experiences. So you might have to pry yourself out of your shell to make it work. 

Decent enough to impress the family

Dating a Cuban man means dating his entire family. That means that as much as you need to let your wild side run free, you need a firm hold on the leash where the family is involved. He will want you to be presentable both in appearance and behavior. Don’t get offended – this is him genuinely seeking approval for you if he truly sees a future. 

Able to sustain riveting conversations

Cuban menare very opinionated and love to have conversations about controversial topics. It might feel like you are always arguing at first, but this is his way of trying to connect with you on an intellectual level. 

Genuinely interested in the Cuban culture

Most Cuban guys are earnest patriots and would love nothing more than to have a woman who is equally enthusiastic about the culture. Some things you need to get in tune with include:

  • Cuban cuisine from the spicy Arroz con pollo to the flavorful Cuban sandwich. 
  • Cigars and rum.
  • Traditional Cuban dances and music style.
  • A minimalist and predominantly offline lifestyle.
dating a cuban guy

Great dancers (or at least bad ones willing to learn)

You need to learn a few dance moves when dating Cuban guysbecause a lot, if not all, your dates will include this. Don’t panic – he doesn’t expect you to be an expert salsa dancer or do a reggaeton freestyle by your first date. You have to be willing to learn. 

A few things you should know about the Cuban dating culture

  • Exclusivity is not implied, so make sure to have that talk beforehand. 
  • Where you meet makes all the difference, with online sites and direct introductions being your safest bets. 
  • Native Cubans are nothing like their counterparts abroad, so do not compare them. 
  • PDA is pretty much the norm. 
  • You need to be creative with communication as the internet is not as readily available. 
  • Long-distance relationships are particularly difficult to sustain because of the communication barrier – but they are not impossible!
  • Cohabitation before marriage is common, so don’t be surprised if he asks you to move in pretty early in the relationship. 

The challenges of dating a Cuban man

Dating a Cuban guy is not all romance and eye candy. Like any other long-distance relationship with a foreigner, there are some special challenges that you will have to deal with. Here are some of the most common challenges you may face when dating a Cuban man.

The language barrier

Unfortunately, speaking Spanish will not make things much easier when dating Cuban men. This is because the Cuban Spanish they speak varies greatly from what you may be familiar with, which means miscommunication is almost inevitable.

Few communication platforms

As if the language barrier wasn’t enough of a problem, you have to make your long-distance relationship work with slim pickings in terms of the communication platform options.

Internet and online apps for chatting and video calls are not as widely available in the country. Furthermore, internet charges are usually too pricey for a lot of Cubans to prioritize. You will definitely have to be creative in terms of how you can keep in touch.

Family interference

The fact that Cuban men tend to be so close with their families opens up your relationship to external meddling, especially if the family doesn’t like you. In some cases, you might experience outright sabotage.

Just try to stay on your partner’s family’s good side.

Money problems

Wages for most people in Cuba are not the most supportive of a lavish lifestyle, with some people barely making ends meet.

Things like not receiving gifts or him not taking you out on extravagant dates will seem like the least of your worries as you navigate a relationship with unequal financial footing.

In these cases, it is best to keep financial talk and support low until you are sure about his intentions and the direction your relationship is going.

Infidelity is common

Not all Cuban men cheat. However, a lot of them do. The challenges of separation caused by long-distance relationships just increase the chances of this happening.

Again, the trick here is to make sure that you find a man you can trust and lay down strict boundaries in the relationship.

A few words of warning

We’ve seen the good and the bad when it comes to dating Cuban men. Now let’s take a look at the ugly.

Unfortunately, dating a Cuban man means having to face the reality that he may only be interested in you to get a visa or a green card for a better life. It is a fairly common con, especially on shady online dating sites that connect foreigners to Cuban singles.

However, it is also important to appreciate that shady men are the minority. If you choose a trusted online dating platform like that verifies users, then you may not have a lot to worry about.

You also have to make sure that you take your time getting to know your Cuban crush before letting them fully in. Listen to your intuition and don’t ignore any red flags, and you should be just fine.

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