Panamanian Men: The Guide to Dating Panamanian Guys

If you are in the transcontinental country of Panama looking for Panamian men (alternatively Panamanian men), this dating guide will be a handy reference to hit the ground running.

It took me time to take in the country’s vibrant culture and soak up the finer points of dating in Panama, but I have collected my observations into this article, so you have a head start.

I have been a global traveler for over a decade and have had a great time meeting people across Central America. Cross-cultural dating is one of the best perks of international travel, and from my experience, I want to share with you:

  • What are Panamanian men like
  • How to meet a man from Panama
  • The pros and cons of dating a Panamian man
  • What do Panama guys like in a woman

Let’s get right to it and get to know the persona of Panamian men before you seduce them!

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What are Panamanian men like?

panama man

Characteristics of Panamanian men

Looks are the first aspect you notice while evaluating your potential date. So here’s a little info on what Panamanian men look like.

They are Latino Poster Boys

Panamanian men are typical Latinos you can recognize from a distance. European or Native American resemblance is fairly common, given centuries of a cross-cultural mix. While there’s no fixed skin tone to describe Latinos, it is usually tanned that adds to their exotic appeal.

They are not the tallest

The average height of a Panama man is around 5’ 5”.  If you are from American or Western European countries, this is something you would notice instantly, so tone down your expectations. It took me time to get used to it, but once I looked beyond it, I couldn’t complain!

They have expressive eyes

Smokey eyes are a common trait across South America, and men in Panama are absolutely blessed with them. They have a wide range of facial expressions. A deep look into their passionate eyes during your private moments takes you elsewhere!

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They take their fitness seriously

Panama men like to keep in shape, and they work hard for it. Exercise is a huge part of their life. It shines through their personality, too, making them even hotter. They are always up for flaunting their body – the sight of a shirtless Panama man showing off his Salsa moves is quite a spectacle.

The Personality of Panamanian Men

Once your man checks all your boxes on the looks front, you will be curious about his personality. Drop-dead looks may not be much if you do not like his company! So here’s what you can expect from the personality of Panama guys.

They are friendly but persistent

Panama guys open up easily, which can be a bitter-sweet experience. On the one hand, they can go all-in once they determine their goal. On the other hand, however, this trait also makes them pushy, especially when you decide to part ways.

Chivalry is not their strength

I’m trying to sugar-coat it here, but you will struggle to find a Panamanian guy with the gentlemanly traits we western girls look for in their partner. Though they are catching up, do not expect elaborate shows of chivalry.

They are honest

When you are dating a Panamanian guy, he will open up to you about all aspects of his life and his family. This comes with a pinch of salt, though, as they are never shy of having a secret side while they’re with you.

Loyalty is a mixed bag with Panama Men

The men are loyal and committed to their country, family, and sports team, BUT not necessarily their women. They are likely to have wandering eyes during the early stages of your relationship, and only once they are 100% sure you are the one, they would be faithful forever.

Where to Meet Panamanian Men?

Panamanian Men

Now that you know how the Panamanian eye-candies look and behave, your mind has already probably turned to how to meet and seduce them. So read on for a handy reference on meeting Panama guys.

Online Dating in Panama

I like to plan my trips, and online dating gives me a head start. I can get a glimpse of what to expect, and I usually have a few contacts handy before landing in the country.

In South America, I usually use It is a well-established communications platform with thousands of members from Latin America.


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Meeting Men in Panama

Panama City

Panama’s capital Panama City offers a lot of opportunities to meet men. Casco Viejo is a huge tourist attraction frequented by singles at all times.

These commercial centers and restaurants offer lots of options for meeting local men:

  • Multicentro
  • Metro mall Panama
  • Albrook Mall
  • Caliope
  • Santa Rita

If you are a night owl, I highly recommend these singles bars and nightclubs:


The city of Colon on the Caribbean coast is another option if you feel like taking a break from Panama City. The Canal Expansion Observation Center and the expansive Colon Free Trade Zone are major tourist attractions where you can also meet hot foreigners.

You can meet lots of single men in these nightclubs, restaurants, and bars:

The Pros and Cons of Dating a Panamanian Man

International dating can be a roller-coaster of emotions, and it is not for everyone. Having experienced both sides of the coin, I have chosen to look at it as a glass-half-full kind of situation. It’s just been more enjoyable that way.


You experience the genuine warmth and human touch

Panamanians are warm, friendly, and affectionate people. Their way of welcoming and greeting goes way beyond the handshake – brace up for frequent hugs, kisses, kissing hands, etc., when you meet your partner and his friends and family.

They also bring this trait to bed, which spices up your intimate moments.

They enjoy small moments of life

While it is common for western men to work hard towards their professional goals, Panamanians are more relaxed towards life. They are grateful for what they have and celebrate small things in life. This makes them fun to be around in all situations.

They like to handle “male” stuff

They are brought up in traditional societies where men are expected to put food on the table and do the physically demanding stuff. So take a break from your feminism stance and just let him be happy in his own space – planning dates, paying the bills, hammering nails, etc.

They help you get better at Spanish

Your guy won’t laugh at your broken, incomplete sentences. Rather, he would help you improve it through friendly banters, pushing you to get better at it. For me, this is a great plus of international dating.


His persistence can drive you crazy

I did mention it already, but this trait deserves its place in the con section. They just refuse to take NO for an answer and keep pushing it. If you met a guy in a bar and didn’t want to go out with him, he would keep persisting to the point you would at least consider it!

He is possessive and jealous

He would be all laugher and romance while you’re flirting with him, but even if you glance around for a second, he starts nagging. So, if you get into a relationship, be extra cautious about not letting your eyes (and thoughts) wander!

What do Panama Guys Like in a Woman?

Show respect to his family

His family means everything to him, so even if you do not agree with their old-world thoughts, never let them know you disagree. Worse, do not debate your way into convincing them and correcting their thoughts – they will not budge one bit, and you leave your guy upset.

Look at happiness beyond materialistic stuff

Panamanians do not like to splurge on luxury holidays, buy expensive gifts, or drive a flagship German car. Instead, they derive their happiness from moments of togetherness and personal contact. Hence, do not expect lavish restaurant dates and value the emotion behind his gifts rather than its price.

Dancing is a turn-on

Dance is an indispensable part of Latino culture. Put your doubts on the side and join in with your man, and you’ll have a great time. You do not have to perfect your moves to impress him – just groove to the beats, and he’ll be over the moon.

Be at your modest, humble best

You can let yourself go and break out of your sophisticated boundaries. You do not need to be all buttoned up every time you go out – just keep it casual and enjoy your man’s company! Learn to appreciate his culture and don’t try too hard to convince him to follow yours.

Final Thoughts on Dating a Panama Man

International dating has been great for me, and you shouldn’t miss out on dating Panama men for anything in the world. Irrespective of how your relationship progresses, you will gain a new perspective towards life, learn a bit of Spanish, and become a better dancer!

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