Dating A Chilean Man 101 – What Are Chilean Guys Like?

This narrow strip of country on South America’s west coast is a place of real beauty. They have it all from the sweeping desert landscapes of Valle De La Luna to the long beautiful shoreline littered with breathtaking beach scenery.

While it is rich in natural beauty, it is the people that make Chile unique. Their men, in particular, are real treasures both inside and out.

In the sections below, we will take a look at what to expect should you date a Chilean man in terms of what they are like and how they play this wonderful game of love.

What are Chilean men like?

Man From Chile

First thing’s first:

What are these men like?

What do Chileans look like?

And what are their personality traits?

Understanding all of these dynamics about them is the best way to have an idea of what you are getting yourself into. So without further ado, here are ten physical and character traits of Chilean men.

They embody the tall, dark and handsome aesthetic

Chilean facial features are pretty much what are regarded as typical Latino men features. That includes dark hair, strong jawlines, intense brown eyes, and beautiful tan skin.

Due to cultural interaction over the years, this aesthetic has become more diverse, with features like blond hair, blue eyes, and exotic interracial skin being common findings these days.

They take great care of themselves

Chilean men are very particular about their health, aesthetic, and general well-being. So do not be too surprised if he is enthusiastic about joining you for that spa trip, or he tries to get you to eat more healthily.

They are incredibly affectionate

Chilean guys are very loving and affectionate. They show it not only in their words but also physically. He will always want to have you close to him and will continuously reassure you of how much you mean to him. I mean, what more would a woman want?

They are social animals

Having a Chilean boyfriend will instantly widen your friends’ circle. These men are super social and tend to have large friend groups. And what is interesting about them is that they are never scared of introducing the women that they date to their friends. So if you are a notorious introvert, you have a lot of learning and growing to do.

They have their rough macho sides

Latinos, like Cuban men, Argentinian guys are known for their fiery spirits, and you will see this in your Chilean lover. They are generally charming and kind and personable. However, when they get triggered, you will see a wild new side of them. It could be anything from a bad score on a soccer game to a misunderstanding at a bar. The good thing is that despite their feistiness and macho attitudes, they are rarely violent.

They are not very picky about food

That is something pretty unique about Chilean men considering how vital cuisine is in Central and South America. With these men, it is not hard to impress them with a home-cooked meal.

You do not have to become the South American Gordon Ramsey whipping up Chilean delicacies like Pastel de Choclo or empanadas to keep him happy. Just do a decent job, and he will appreciate it even if it is just French toast and cocoa.

They can handle a drink (or twenty)

Date Sexy Latinos

No, you are not dating an alcoholic. However, these men do like to enjoy a drink or two now and then. And no matter how much fun he has that night, it is unlikely that you will find him piss drunk embarrassing himself out in the streets.

They are not extravagant, but they are very romantic

Chilean men can be termed as cheap when it comes to treating their women. They do not see the point in extravagant displays of love. So don’t cross your fingers for a random trip or an expensive dinner without occasion. However, they are incredibly romantic in general, and all their other subtle displays will more than make up for the lack of extravagance.

They are clean freaks

Chilean guys are very clean. They take care of their spaces just as well as they take care of their bodies. So if he invites you over to his place, it would be best to clean up after yourself. You would be surprised how irritating clothes on the floor or dirty dishes in the living room are to them.

They are particularly close with their moms

Chileans are big momma’s boys, and this is something you need to be on board with from the get-go. They are quite close to all their family members, but the bonds with their moms are something special. So if you want to get on his good side, make friends with his mom.

Four of Chile’s hottest men

You now know exactly what you are getting into with these guys. They have awesome personalities that you will have fun getting to explore. The fact that they are easy on the eyes also doesn’t hurt.

Speaking of hot Chilean men, here are four awesome examples that embody the persona that you are considering getting romantically involved with.

Santiago Cabrera – Chilean Actor

Santiago Cabrera

He is one of the most prolific Latino actors from Chile and has had a successful career both in the North and South American markets as well as the European acting scene. This bombshell comes with a good head on his shoulders too and is fluent in four languages. In addition to all this, he is actively involved in charity. Talk about the full package!

Cristián de la Fuente

This man oozes sex appeal from every pore, and we are all here for it. He has made a name for himself in the Telenovela industry, having starred in successful productions like Amor Bravio. He also works as a model and producer. In general, this super talented Adonis is a real example of how awesome it is to date a Chilean guy.

Beto Cuevas

Beto Cuevas

Beto is a Canada-based Chilean artist. And when we say artist, we mean it in every sense of the word. The talented Chilean does it all from painting and recycling art to acting and music. And if you are into the alternative grunge look, then this should be your new celebrity crush.

Charles Aránguiz

Soccer is a big deal for Chile, and it is for this reason that talented players like Charles are so popular. However, among female fans, it is safe to say that it is more than this midfielder’s foot skills that have them swooning. This tall, dark, handsome, and athletic glass of caramel milk is another excellent example of just how incredibly good-looking Chilean men are.

The dating culture in Chile – what it’s like to date a Chilean

Sexy Chile Guy

Dating a Chilean man, or even dating a Latino man, is a real treat if the features above are anything to go by. And while it is important to understand the man, you also need to appreciate the effect of Chilean dating culture on your experience.

Below are five key points that you have to prepare yourself for.

1. PDA is a part of the package, so get with the program.

Public displays of affection are a common sight in the streets of Chile. You can bet that your guy is used to it and expects you to be okay with it.

2. If you date the man, you date the clan. So prepare yourself for a lot of family dinners.

In Chilean culture, it is normal for relationships to advance quite quickly. Don’t be surprised when your guy invites you to a family dinner after a couple of weeks of dating. Family dinners are very popular, so expect to go to MANY of them.

3. Time is an abstract concept, and he will probably be just as late as you are.

Another quite common aspect of the Chilean culture is the fact that the people aren’t very punctual. So, you are likely not the only one who will be late for dates.

4. Possessiveness and jealousy are the norms, and these men simply cannot stand you having close male friends.

You should definitely expect a bit of jealousy from these guys. Having close guy friends is an unusual concept in their country and you might have to calm your guy down every now and then.

5. Morality is valued, but they still know how to have fun.

Chile is a religious country, but that doesn’t mean its people don’t enjoy a good time. Partying until dawn is nothing unusual to these folks.

Wrapping it up

I bet now that you know what are Chilean men like, you are excited to meet one. And rightfully so! These men are pretty awesome and do have a lot to offer. So whether you plan a trip there or choose to start your journey online, you will be in for a treat.

Tina is your Latin dating expert. She has traveled all over Latin America and dated many nationalities over the last decade. You can trust her advice and any tips she gives about dating Latino men.

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