Haitian Guys: What to Expect When Dating a Haitian Man?

Dating Haitian men is a unique experience and is unlike anything you have ever imagined. The Caribbean country’s cultural values and societal beliefs are what makes it very different from dating in the western world.

In this article, we take a look at Haiti’s dating customs and norms, what to expect when dating a Haitian man, and other handy information that would help you in your pursuits.

Haitian Dating Customs

A large majority of the country’s population is of African descent. Given its successive colonization, there is an unmistakable impact of European and other cultures such as Spanish and French.

Despite modernity catching up, Haitian societies have large families, and there is a noticeable class divide, which shapes their outlook towards western culture, dating, and everything else.

Here are a few points about Haitian dating customs:

  • Young Haitian guys are increasingly breaking away from tradition and start dating in their late teens.
  • The expectation is on a Haitian guy to ask the girl out. Even if the girl likes a guy, she is too conservative to express it.
  • A man is expected to visit the girl’s home and meet all her family members during the courtship period, and a marriage proposal is expected down the line.
  • Weddings are lavish affairs with lots of Haitian food and local delicacies. The financial responsibility is on the groom’s family, especially in rural areas. It is common for couples to live together and have children until they save up enough for a grand wedding and reception.
  • Polygamy exists and is accepted by society (especially in rural areas), and it is common for a man to have an affair and children outside of his marriage. At times, women even accept each other and stay together.
  • Formal divorce is seen as taboo, but separation is fairly common, given the imbalance created by polygamy.

Haitian Dating Sites

Meet Haitian Men On Amolatina

Haitian society is divided by financial status and class. Haitian guys belonging to the upper echelons are more likely to afford online dating. Despite being a small country of 10 million, more than half of Haiti’s population is under 30 years of age, and it makes for a vibrant dating ecosystem.

AmoLatina.com is a very popular dating site here. It has a consistency about it and allows you to filter profiles based on country and location. It is the perfect platform for conservative Haitian women, who are too embarrassed to express their affection for a man publicly.

It has verified profiles looking for genuine relationships, often culminating into long-term companionship and marriage. Its paid membership works on a credit-based system, where you can purchase credits ranging from $9.99 to $399.99 – hence providing a package for every budget.

What is it Like Dating a Haitian Man?

You might have already seen at least one Haitian meme making fun of Haitian husbands for their polygamous tendency. Though not completely untrue, it does not hold good for all the males of the country. Here is a compilation of the good and not so good about dating Haitian men.

Haitian families are big

A bit like Puerto Rican men, Haitian men also live in big families. Several generations stay together, and the family’s approval is required for the smallest of decisions. So, expect to meet the family fairly soon. On the brighter side, if your relationship goes to the next level, you would get a lot of affection from the family.

Men call the shots

Women are not seen as being equal and do not enjoy equal rights in society or within the family. This extends to dating as well. So, your man would automatically assume the driver’s seat in the relationship and take major decisions, expecting you to follow along.

Women have traditional roles

When it comes to running a household, it is an unwritten rule the man would go out to earn a wage. Women aren’t expected to go out to work. Their role is restricted to looking after the household.

Polygamy is common

Despite not being recognized by law, polygamy is an unstated arrangement in Haitian society. Please discuss his views on polygamy right at the beginning, as traditional Haitian men are serial womanizers and often deem it OK to be involved with more than one woman at a time, even after marriage.

A culture of possessiveness and machoism

Haitian guys are usually very possessive and do not want their girlfriend/wife to have male friends. There is also a culture of machoism, so Haitian guys would go all out to protect their lady.


There is something unique about every individual, and your Haitian man can be the best thing that ever happened to you. Just be a bit cautious in the beginning, talk out what you want in life, and be sure about him before taking your relationship to the next level.

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