Venezuelan Brides: What to Expect When Marrying A Venezuelan Woman

You may not want to visit Venezuela now due to the current political climate, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t meet and date Venezuelan women in other places, especially in destinations like Santiago, Panama City, or Miami.

Venezuelan girls are among the most expressive in Latin America, and their beauty is world-renowned. Let’s dive into detail about how to get a Venezuelan women for marriage.

What are Venezuelan brides like?

Marrying A Venezuelan Woman

Absolutely gorgeous

Both at home and abroad, Venezuelan women are downright gorgeous. There’s a reason that Venezuelan girls in the Miss Universe pageants are well known throughout the world!

It’s even possible to detect Venezuelan beauties in other countries without first directly asking them about their heritage. If you go to other Latin American nations like Ecuador or Peru, for example, the Venezuelan girls definitely stand out instantly and in a good way.

Expressive and passionate

Besides their inherent physical beauty, you can expect Venezuelan singles to be very passionate and expressive. She should be eager to speak with you when you approach her (or at least she likely won’t be rude and reject you right away), and she’ll do things like touching your arm to express agreement or empathy (take note that this does not necessarily translate to attraction).

You can also expect her to be very communicative with you on a date. A Venezuelan girl will be equally great to have a deep and intimate conversation with over a calm dinner and a glass of wine, or to go dancing for the night out at a nightclub!

They run on LST

You need to remember that Venezuelan girls, like most Latina singles, run on Latina Standard Time (LST), so don’t be surprised if your date shows up thirty minutes to an hour late. Fortunately, she will have used this time to invest in her appearance and looking nice for you!

Proud of their country

As with the Venezuelan people in general, Venezuelan beauties usually possess a strong sense of pride in their country (Venezuela often ranks as one of the most patriotic nations in the entire world). Don’t be surprised if you see her with a shirt or a baseball bag that sports Venezuela’s flag, and/or if she regularly speaks proudly of her heritage.

Why do Venezuelan girls marry foreigners?

Venezuelan Brides

Why would a Venezuelan girl want to marry a Western foreigner such as you? Well, there are a couple of reasons for it.

– First, because she wants to be treated with respect. It’s unfortunate, but many Venezuelan men can be very rude and disrespectful towards women, and sometimes even to the point that they treat women as possessions rather than actual people. Infidelity, sexual harassment, and domestic abuse are also issues with some local men that any woman will be eager to avoid.

– Secondly, Venezuelan women also strongly desire to marry a man who can guarantee her having a safe and stable future. While Venezuela is a land rich in natural resources (especially oil and gold), due to the political situation, most of its population is living in poverty, and over four million Venezuelans have fled the country over the last four years in search of a better future.

– Beyond those things, Venezuelan girls are usually very attracted to handsome ‘gringo’ men anyway, and especially a man who is well dressed, takes good care of himself, and has confidence.  

Reasons to marry Venezuela brides


As with Latinas from many other countries, Venezuelan girls are very traditional and family-oriented due to the culture they were raised in. Not only does this mean will she be dedicated to her current family and desire to keep close contact with them even if she ends up with you, but it also means that she will be dedicated to the family she starts with you and raising your children together.

A Venezuelan woman will also not hesitate to cook for you and keep the house clean and in good order (and she’ll enjoy doing those things too).

Good communicators

Since Venezuelan girls are expressive in how they act and speak, you can expect her to invest daily time and energy into communicating how she thinks and feels on any given day. If you would like to marry a woman who you know you can share good communication with throughout your marriage (assuming that you do your part to communicate as well), a Venezuelan woman will be an excellent life partner.

Great lovers

The expressiveness of a Venezuelan girl also translates to affection and passion in the bedroom, as well.  If you also want to marry a girl who you know you will enjoy a solid and intimate sex life with for many years to come, a Venezuelan girl is a safe bet. This is amplified if you’re lucky enough to marry a girl who you truly connect well and closely with.

The challenges you’ll face

  • Easily the first challenge that you may face when meeting a Venezuelan girl is the language barrier. She may or may not know English very well, depending on her upbringing and life experiences. You would be wise to learn at least some Spanish yourself to help make communication easier. Even if you’re not fluent, she will appreciate you making the attempt. If anything, teaching each other words and phrases in your respective languages can be a great way to get the conversation going and get to know each other.
  • Furthermore, getting her to leave her family or saying goodbye to yours for relocation will hurt a lot. The good news is that if a Venezuelan girl decides to leave her family and marry you, it’s a clear sign that she is committing herself to raise a new family with you.

Venezuelan wedding and marriage traditions

Venezuelan weddings are a lot like North American ones, although they are not so strict on church ceremonies. That said, most families would still prefer that to a simple civil wedding. Here’s everything you need to know about Venezuelan wedding traditions.

Asking for parents’ permission

You do not get just to show up and take their prized beauties away. You need to get the girl’s family to bless your union for things to work. All you need to do here is prove that you genuinely love their daughter and will do whatever it takes to give her a good life.

A silver sixpence in the shoe

This is a fun little tradition for the Venezuelan brides, which is thought to bring good luck during the ceremony and subsequent festivities. In recent years, they have also adopted the “something old, something new; something borrowed, something blue” tradition from North America.

Stealthy exit from the party

In this fun little tradition, the couple has to successfully sneak out of their wedding reception to go for their honeymoon. No one should notice this departure. It is a fun part of the party that will definitely get your blood flowing as the groom trying not to get spotted.

Exchange of Arra’s

In this tradition, the bride and groom’s families exchange 13 gold coins as a sign of goodwill. It also shows that the union has been blessed and approved by both families.

Wrapping it up

You’re most likely going to have a lot of fun with the Venezuelan girl you date. She’ll be traditional in her upbringing and yet passionate in her disposition, beautiful in her appearance and yet intelligent for conversation.

Who knows, maybe the Venezuelan girl you meet on will be the girl of your dreams who you end up marrying!

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