Dating a Peruvian Guy: How Are Peruvian Men in Relationships

Machu Pichu is not the only world wonder in Peru. Their men are just as unique and exciting! The best way to appreciate this fact is by dating one of them. 

To give you a better idea of what you can expect, below is all you need to know about dating Peruvian men, what they are like, and how to keep yours happy. 

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What are Peruvian men like?

They are total hunks 

Men from Peru are undeniably handsome. They usually have dark features, including brunette hair, brown eyes, and tanned skin. Their exotic features are a result of centuries of cultural fusion with influences from Europe and Asia. 

The result is drop-dead gorgeous men like:

  • Gaston Bolanos
  • Paolo Guerrero
  • Beto Da Silva
  • Christian Meier
Christian Meier
Christian Meier

Friendly & outgoing

These guys love to have fun and are always on the prowl for the next adventure. They are almost always outdoors, whether it is hiking the many beautiful Peruvian trails or enjoying water sports on the many beaches there. 

This proclivity requires that they be very friendly and outgoing, which is something you will see when he is dealing with both strangers and people he knows. So if you are the shy type, be ready for the shock of your life as you deal with some of the most extroverted males on the planet. 

Loyal to their families

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Dating a Peruvian guy, much like dating a Mexican man, also means dating his family. These men are very close to their relatives, both close and distant. They tend to involve their families in every aspect of their lives, whether social, emotional or even financial. 

This fierce loyalty means that, at times, the family’s needs will come before the needs of your relationship. So do not be surprised if he cancels your dinner date and instead drags you to his cousin’s place for a last-minute plan. 

Big momma’s boys

In addition to being super close with their families, Peruvian men are also still pretty dependent on their mothers. It is not uncommon to find men here staying home or visiting very often before they get married. Some still have their moms cook and do laundry for them. 

This is no doubt unusual, but once you get over how weird it is that your 30-year-old boyfriend still has his mom buy him clothes, you will appreciate how beautiful the bond is. And in turn, how well he treats women in his life, including you. 

Night owl personalities

For Peruvian men, the day does not start until the sun has gone down. They love to do as much as they can get away with late at night. That means everything from your dates to Christmas celebrations start late into the day. 

In the same light, they do not like mornings. Your man might be grumpy and slow when he wakes up. Let him be, and don’t try and force him out of his morning blues. 


These men value tradition, and it shows in how they treat their women. They believe in traditional roles where they are the providers and protectors in the relationship. He will, therefore, probably insist on picking up the tab, walking you home, and treating you like a lady. 

He will also expect the same from you. No, this does not mean that you quit your job and become a housewife for him. He wants a little femininity and respect. And if you cook and clean every once in a while, the better. 

Eager to Start a Family Fast

Contrary to most western cultures, marrying in their 20s and having kids shortly after that is common in Peru. If your relationship gets serious, your partner would likely want a quick transition from dating to marriage and starting a family (perhaps with multiple kids!). It is best to talk it out before taking the plunge.


Peruvian men in relationships are incredibly passionate. They have no issues opening up about their feelings. It doesn’t matter whether it is how much he loves you or how upset he is with how things are in his life.

He will unapologetically cry, whine, and go on and on about what he feels without the macho attitude getting in the way. And I think we can all agree that this openness and vulnerability is what we all want. 

Notorious heartbreakers

If you are interested in a Peruvian guythen be prepared to deal with competition and the possibility of heartbreak. These men love to play the field, and if they have options, the chances are that they will explore them. 

Many local men are dating many Peruvian women at the same time. They have been known to lose interest and call things off suddenly. Therefore, you need to protect yourself, and the best way to do this is by holding out on freefalling until you are sure he is all in. 

Peruvian Man

They like their women modest

Latin Americans are known for their incredible hotness and sex appeal, and Peruvian women are no different. However, most men in Peru prefer their women to be a little bit more modest. They want to know that they are the only ones enjoying your wonderful curves. It is in some way a bragging right for them as they are the only ones who can attest to just how sexy you are. 

Where to meet men from Peru?

Singles in Peru have thronged online dating portals, just like in other South American countries. It is a buzzing ecosystem, and sites like provide easy access to a large pool of singles looking to mingle.

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So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of and let your heart guide you to the Peruvian romance you deserve. Don’t be shy – it’s time to let love in and experience the magic of Latin passion!

Dating Peru Guys Locally

Miraflores area in the capital city Lima is your best bet for meeting Peruvian singles and foreign women from other countries as well. Other large cities like Arequipa or even Cusco have nightclubs, restaurants, cafés, pubs, and shopping centers to make your evenings interesting as well.

The best areas for meeting a Peruvian woman in Lima during the day are:

  • Larcomar
  • Malecon Broadwalk
  • Miraflores beach

The Pros and Cons of Dating a Peruvian Man

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You’ll get to learn Spanish

Dating a Peruvian guy is a welcome opportunity to learn Spanish. Whether you are a beginner or have learned it in a classroom before, having a native speaker to learn/practice with is the best way to elevate your Spanish to the next level.

You can make it more fun by teaching your partner some basic English. You may even set aside a specific time during the day/week when both of you would converse in the same language.

He’ll be incredibly romantic early in the relationship

Peruvian men are real charmers, especially early on in the relationship. In the initial days, they would go overboard with incessant pampering, buying gifts, planning surprises, and sending cute messages all the time to make you feel special.

Irresistible as they might be, be patient and keep it slow. Be sure that this love bombing means something beyond just getting you to bed and dominating you once you give in.

You have a chance to experience a new culture

The Peruvian culture of today has evolved over centuries and is an amalgamation of cultures from around the world, most notably European and Asian. Under the modern influence, it is a truly unique mix of old and new. You’ll get to experience these cultural differences with its traditional societies, strong family ties, street plays, lip-smacking native cuisine, weaving, dancing, and colors all around.

Soak in the gender stereotype with a twist!

For once, you can let go of the pressure of trying to be equal to men and doing everything they can do. Just sit back and relax while he happily assumes the traditionally masculine roles.

While adjusting to his macho personality will initially be challenging, he will gradually loosen up and pour out his emotions once he starts trusting you.


The language barrier may become an issue

The language barrier is a common concern in international dating. However, a basic understanding of one common language helps the partners tide over it.

It can be a steep challenge in Peru, as there is a fair chance your partner only knows Spanish and doesn’t speak English. The younger population has started learning English, as it can be helpful in their careers, though.

However, learn some basic Spanish before landing in Peru to give yourself the best shot at dating.

They can be irrationally jealous

In a surprising double standard twist, Peruvian guys can be very jealous. They do not appreciate it when other men try to make moves on their women, and they are very vocal about it. Some even take it as far as being uncomfortable with all-male interactions regardless of the other guy’s intentions. So be careful how you talk about Jose from the office or Paolo from the club. 

Some men can be very controlling

Peru’s patriarchal societies influence the behavior of men. Some of them can be extremely controlling, taking you for granted, and ignoring your preferences, choices, or sometimes existence!

They might restrict your social circle, confining you to the house and pleasing their family. They might fool around all day, ignoring they have a partner.

Mood swings are not uncommon, and they expect their girl to be ready for sex whenever they want it.

Tips for dating Peruvian guys

Learn to appreciate his culture

Culture can be a very good unifier in international dating, as people proudly talk about it and show it off to their partners. Differences notwithstanding, soak in the information and look at it from a positive frame of mind. It will help you bond with your man and get to know him better. Your Peruvian boyfriend will also appreciate your keenness to learn about his culture with an open mind.

Show respect

Peru is not known for classy, polite, suited gentlemen, so you need to tone down your expectations. Focus on your partner’s nature, respect him for what he is rather than putting him down by constantly subjecting him to western standards.

If you look close enough, there is a spectrum of uniqueness to be explored in every man. It’ll help you ease into the relationship, become familiar with each other’s culture, and develop mutual respect.

Be ready to compromise on the gender role topic

Gender equality is not yet an open conversation in Peru, so be realistic about it. Do not try to be a revolutionary by your constant displeasure about the country’s gender disparity. Embrace its positive aspect, as you can sit back and let your man win you over by taking up the traditionally masculine roles.

If things get serious, he would like you to stay home (with his family) and look after the house while he takes up the role of a breadwinner.

Get on your mother-in-law’s good side

Peruvian men are very close to their mothers. It is common for a working man to stay with his mother until he gets married – and beyond! They have a very special bond, and his mother’s approval for you is important for him. Be at your best behavior with her, take an interest in the little household things that she does for her son, and you’ll have a good start.

Ready to Date a Peruvian Man?

Peruvian men are easily some of the most interesting in the international singles’ pool with their personalities, beliefs, and culture.

If you are up for some adventure, then it just might be time you take your love-seeking journey to this beautiful South American country.

The best part is that you now have all the tips and tricks you need to ensure that you get your Peruvian prince in no time!

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