Dating Caribbean Men – How To Get a Caribbean Man…And Keep Him

Caribbean men are from the Islands (think Jamaica, Haiti, Bahamas, Cuba, etc.), and they are a different breed of men. They have specific needs and want a partner who can match them.

After dating a couple of Caribbean guys in my life, I can say you’ll definitely need a cheat sheet if you want to get a Caribbean man and keep him. That’s why I wrote this article!

My guide on the Caribbean dating culture will share information such as:

  • What are Caribbean men like?
  • How to meet a man from the Caribbean?
  • Pros and cons of dating a Caribbean man
  • What do Caribbean guys like in a woman?

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What Are Caribbean Men Like?

Dating A Haitian Man

Caribbean guys have very attractive characteristics. They love to cook, are crazy about their moms, and make your heart race with excitement every time you are together. Of course, not all men are the same, so keep an open mind when you meet one.

In general, however, here’s what Caribbean guys are like:

They Are Good with Their Hands

Take this information as you wish, but Caribbean men are great with their hands. They love to work on things around the house, and many have jobs that require manual skills. For example, they will help with house repairs or help fix your car instead of paying someone to do it.

They Love the Women in Their Life

You will appreciate this fact if you are looking for your ‘forever guy.’ Caribbean guys love their moms, grandmas, aunties, and any mother figure in their lives. This means that you must impress these strong queens if you want to win some points with them.

There is a slight downside to this quality. Momma’s boys can be quite a handful and expect their partners to treat them the same or better than mommy or granny. In addition, the mother figure might be too comfortable interfering in your relationship, which can put a rift between you and your man.


They Love Cooking

Caribbean guys love to cook. It is usually one of the most sensual things you will ever see while dating a guy from the islands. They will always want you to try out traditional dishes they have learned to make. They will also want to keep you nicely fed and happy – you’ll appreciate being treated like a queen!

They Are Smooth Talkers

This is not always a bad thing, ladies! These guys are gifted with a fast mind and a sleek tongue that will tell you everything you need to hear to uplift your spirit and have you feeling sexy all day. The accent is a definite plus!

Being a smooth talker, as mentioned, can have its negative side. Most of us will fall for the smooth, sensual words that a Caribbean man will use on us. If you have had bad luck with love, you might wonder if this is something he does with every woman he meets.

If you are looking for a short-term fling and just to have fun, this shouldn’t be a problem. But if you are in it for the long haul, have a chat about it with your man.

They Are Hardworking

There are men nowadays who prefer living the ‘soft life.’ This means they don’t want to work hard or worry about putting food on the table. Caribbean men are the complete opposite!

They are not afraid to get their hands dirty. They are also comfortable taking on more than one job to keep their lover and family well taken care of.

However, some women might not take this positively. If your man has more than one job, it means they have less time to spend with you. It might sound selfish, but a girl shouldn’t feel bad about thinking that way. Do not get in the way of his goals, but feel free to mention it to him so that you can be on the same page.

Where To Meet Caribbean Men

jamaican man

There are the usual spots where you can meet your potential Caribbean boo. It can be at the club, a restaurant, an art exhibition, music festival – you name it.

And then there is online dating. It can be scary at times, given the stories we have heard, but it is not always gloom and doom.

Online Dating in the Caribbean

Foreign dating sites like have thousands of profiles of sexy Caribbean men from around the world. If you’re too afraid to go global, keep it local on websites like:

When you use local sites to find a man, chances are you will be able to meet him in person as soon as you wish.


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Dating in the Caribbean Islands

To fast-track the path to love or companionship, there are some cities in the Caribbean you can visit to meet hot local men.

Nassau, Bahamas

Visit spots like Aura Nightclub and Dragons, both on Paradise Island. You can also check out places like:

  • Xcape
  • Twisted Lime
  • Atlantic Shipwreck Bar & Grill

Or visit places like Cabbage Beach, Montagu Beach, and Love Beach, to name a few.

Havana, Cuba

While in this historic town, visit spots like El Malecon, a seaboard esplanade where music lives. Other nightlife spots include El Cocinero and El Floridita. You can read our dating guide on Cuban men.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Try out La Placita de Santurce, a farmer’s market by day and an outdoor club at night. You should also visit spots like La Factoria, El Nie Bar, and La Taberna Lúpulo. Check out this guide on Puerto Rican men.

Bridgetown, Barbados

Some of the best nightlife spots include The Boatyard Club, Crystal Waters Beach Club, and Red Door Lounge at Mango Bay Hotel.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Check out places like Onno’s, Zona Colonial, Mamma Club, VIP Room, and La Fabrica, among other places. Are you interested in dating Domincan men?


If you are interested in dating a Jamaican man, then you should heap up to Kingston or Negril. They have the best nightlife spots in all of Jamaica.

Port au Prince in Haiti

I guess Haiti is not the first place you’d have in mind if you want to date Caribbean men, however guys there are quite charming despite the extreme poverty.

Petion-Ville is the upscale area with the best singles nightlife in Port Au Prince to date Haitian guys. You will likely want to spend most of your time here, and just about all of your time picking up our out on a date will be in this area.

Pros and Cons of Dating a Caribbean Man 

Puerto Rican Men


They Have Amazing Native Accents

That thick, Caribbean accent can make your knees shake even when your man is away from you. You should know that most Caribbean guys are bilingual and can turn you on in more than one language.

They Are Protective of Their Women

Knowing that a man is happy to have us and will be protective is a major turn-on. He will not be afraid to let the world know that you are his.

They Are Crazy About Their Family

I do not want to get too much into this one again since I already covered it above. However, men who are close to their families are winners in my book! It means that if you start a family together, your kids will be in good hands.


Language Barrier

If you are from a different part of the world, you might have a communication challenge with your Caribbean lover. The heavy accents and local language might throw you off a bit, and not all men speak good English.

They May Be Overprotective or Possessive

As women, we love it when men claim us as their own. However, it can be a problem if they are too possessive. It can imply he has trust issues and can sometimes make you feel like you are being controlled.

Listens to Their Family Too Much

We love us some family men, but there are limits to this. As mentioned, many Caribbean men are religiously devoted to their moms and grandmothers. The man will expect you to be perfect, if not more perfect, than mommy dearest. If this is a serious relationship, you’re getting into, set some boundaries early on.

What Do Caribbean Guys Like In A Woman?

Now that we know what Caribbean men are like, it’s time to learn what they want from a partner. What characteristics or qualities do Caribbean guys look for in a woman?

Smart and Responsible

This is something that almost every man in the world wants in a woman. They want a lady who can hold an intelligent conversation, knows what she wants, and is a go-getter. She should also be responsible for her life choices.

Gets Along with Their Inner Circle

A man will be impressed with a woman who gets along with his squad. He will also find you more attractive if you can get along with his family. In addition, you must also show him that you respect having a family life; otherwise, you may not be a fit for him.


No, we are not talking about fortune cookie messages. What we mean is that Caribbean men love women who make them want to be better versions of themselves. She has to be someone who will stand by her man as he grows his business, advances his career, or makes important life decisions. She has to be his cheerleader but should also not be afraid to be honest with him if he is making bad decisions.


Trust is a very sensitive thing for most people in relationships. Once it is broken, it is usually hard to fix it. If you are going out with your girls, he expects you to be someone he can trust even when you are away from him. He should be able to confide in you about his darkest secrets and desires without hearing them from your girls or family members.


There is a perception that maturity means bland. This is not true at all! Maturity means that a woman can handle herself and make good, responsible decisions. She should be careful with money, be sure of her life, and have a solid plan for her future.

Final Thoughts on Dating A Caribbean Man

Meet Dominican Guys

So now you know how to date a Caribbean man. These guys are in a league of their own! They are sure of what they want in life and will use the necessary means to get it. They are not afraid to protect and care for their women and make the perfect long-term partners.

We hope our guide will help you find the Caribbean Prince of your dreams!

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