Dating an Argentinian Man: What It’s Like

Argentina never seems to let down as far as the international dating scene is concerned. Argentinian women are easily some of the most coveted not only in the region but the whole world.

Argentinian guys can also hold their own in the international field as far as foreign lovers go. If you are interested in an Argie boyfriend, here is all that you need to know.

What you can expect from Argentinian Men

Eye candy galore

If you want to have an idea of what you are getting from Argentina then just look up Emiliano Sala. We’ll give you a moment.

This country is overflowing with heartthrobs from famous footballers and politicians to regular old Joes, or should we say José’s, on the street. They generally have very strong masculine features with thick heads of blonde, brown or brunette hair.

The Caucasian influence on their genetics means you might also find a guy with blue or green eyes but the majority have beautiful dark brown ones for you to get lost in. Anyway they are handsome!

Endless compliments

Argentine men love to compliment their women. They love it even more when you let them do it in Spanish. He will compliment you when you look like a runway model for your date and still do it with the same enthusiasm when you look like a mess straight out of bed. This consistent boost of confidence definitely makes things interesting.

Unconventional but super fun dates

Argentinian men love to have fun so their dates are rarely simple meals out. He will probably take you to a carnival or dancing despite your constant resistance on account of your two left feet. You could go hiking on one of the many ridiculously gorgeous trails that this country has. And if you are lucky, he might take you for a picnic on some secret beach. Whatever the case, strap in because you are in for one heck of a ride.

A slow build to physical intimacy

young man from argentina

Argentinian men are famous for their sensuality and sexual prowess and your man will most likely deliver. However, what most people do not talk about is the fact that a lot of them like to take it slow. So don’t freak out if he isn’t making moves by the second or third date. He is probably waiting for your connection to strengthen.

Old-fashioned chivalry

These are true southern gentlemen with some Latino spice. He will go all out here with everything from seat pulling and opening of doors to picking up the tab on the date and offering your jacket afterward. They love to treat their women as queens!

Food, food and more food

Dating an Argentine man might end up being a threat to that diet you are working so hard to follow. These men love to cook, they love to eat and they adore a woman who can throw back a rack of ribs and some empanadas. He will insist on food adventure dates and might even cook for you. And given how amazing Argentinian cuisine is you should have nothing to complain about other than the fact that your jean zipper won’t close after your date.

Soccer comes first

Like Brazilian men, Argentinian men love their soccer and nothing can change that. I mean what can you expect when your country produced legends like Sergio Aguero, Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi? He will probably constantly talk about it, think about it or plan when he will next play it. My advice, don’t complain. Just go with the flow, let him have his 90 minutes and he will give you all the attention you need after the game ends.



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