Argentinian Men: How to attract an Argentinian Man

Argentina never seems to disappoint when it comes to the international dating scene. Argentinian women are easily some of the most coveted not only in the region but the whole world!

Argentinian guys can also hold their own in the international field as far as foreign lovers go. If you are interested in dating an Argentinian man, here is all that you need to know.

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What to expect when dating Argentinian Men

They are very handsome

First, if you want to get an idea of what they look like, then check the profiles of single Argentinian guys on We’ll give you a moment…

Argentinia Men On Amolatina

This country is overflowing with heartthrobs from famous footballers and politicians to regular old Joes, or should we say Josés, on the street. They generally have very strong masculine features with thick heads of blonde, brown, or brunette hair.

The Caucasian influence on their genetics means you might also find a guy with blue or green eyes, but most have beautiful dark brown eyes to get lost in. In short, they are super handsome!

They love to give compliments

Argentine men love to compliment their women. They love it even more when you let them do it in Spanish. He will compliment you when you look like a runway model for your date and still do it with the same enthusiasm when you look like a mess straight out of bed. This consistent boost of confidence definitely makes things interesting.

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Argentinians love unconventional but super fun dates

Argentinian men love to have fun, so their dates are rarely simple meals out. He will probably take you to a carnival or dancing despite your constant resistance on account of your two left feet. You could go hiking on one of the many ridiculously gorgeous trails that this country has. And if you are lucky, he might take you for a picnic on some secret beach.

A slow build to physical intimacy

Argentina men are famous for their sensuality and sexual prowess, and your man will most likely deliver. However, what most people do not talk about is that a lot of them like to take it slow. So don’t freak out if he isn’t making moves by the second or third date. He is probably waiting for your connection to strengthen.

They are chivalrous

These are true southern gentlemen with some Latino spice. He will go all out here with everything from seat pulling and opening doors to picking up the tab on the date and offering your jacket afterward. They love to treat their women as queens!

Argentine Man

They love their food

Dating an Argentinian guy might end up being a threat to that diet you are working so hard to follow. These men love to cook, they love to eat, and they adore a woman who can throw back a rack of ribs and some empanadas!

He will insist on food adventure dates and might even cook for you. And given how amazing Argentinian cuisine is, you should have nothing to complain about other than the fact that your jean zipper won’t close after your date.

Soccer comes first

Like Brazilian men, Argentine men love their soccer, and nothing can change that. I mean, what can you expect when your country produced legends like Sergio Aguero, Diego Maradona, and Lionel Messi?

He will probably constantly talk about it, think about it, or plan when he will next play it. My advice, don’t complain. Just go with the flow, let him have his 90 minutes, and he will give you all the attention you need after the game ends.

Your date plans may get canceled unexpectedly

Men from Argentina are very spontaneous. This may be a lot of fun as you get to go on random dates and enjoy a whole bunch of surprises. However, it could also mean that a lot of your dates might end up canceled. You better learn to live with this annoying “flaking” habit if you want to keep sane!

Dates usually start late at night

Argentinian men are very outdoorsy and adventurous. Their favorite pastimes include everything from beach hangouts to hiking in the mountains. These outdoor daytime interests do not translate to their idea of a perfect date, though.

Expect many dinner dates and club hangouts, most of which will start really late at night. My advice – if he asks you out, make sure to take a nap in the early evening because you are in for one long night!

Kissing in public is okay

Like most other Latino men, Argentinian guys are very openly affectionate. They are big into physical touch, and PDA is never an issue. They are particularly fond of kissing in public. Though it may come as a shock to you, do not be too surprised when he pulls you in for a smooch in the middle of the street or as he drops you off at the bus station.

Most guys still live at home

Argentinian men are very close to their families. In fact, they are so close that most still live with their parents well into their twenties and some to their thirties. It is a cultural thing where men do not feel the need to move out until they’re married.

You have to get used to the idea of hanging out at your place or having your man’s sister or grandma third-wheeling on your home dates. For an extra special sexy time, you may be forced to check into a local telo, which is basically a cheap motel charged by the hour.

They love drama

Hot Argentinian men love drama and are themselves very dramatic. I guess it’s that fiery Latino spirit shining through!

So do not be surprised when he picks fights with you or other people for no particular reason. Also, prepare yourself for a lot of exaggeration during your arguments as a result of this nature.

They are super close to their families

Family is a huge deal to men in Argentina. Whether it is his distant cousin or his abuela, his family will always be a priority for him both in terms of time and even finances. Do not fight it! You can only lose.

Instead, learn to embrace and appreciate this bond. Better yet, make active efforts to bond with those closest to him.

Argentinian guys love to play the field

Another less desirable trait that these men have is their predisposition to infidelity. They love their freedom and want to have as much fun as possible before they are ready to settle down. So don’t put all your eggs in one basket until you’re convinced he is just as invested in the relationship as you.

You need to be patient

Yes, Argentinian guys love to play the field, but it doesn’t mean they have no intention of settling down one day. You just have to be patient and have faith in your connection, especially if there are signs that the feelings are mutual. So buck up and stick it out if you feel that he is worth the wait.

How to meet Argentinian guys

You have two options when it comes to meeting Argentinian guys:

  • Locally in big cities like Buenos Aires, Cordoba, or Rosario
  • Online

Though traveling to Buenos Aires may be fun and exciting, it can also be complicated and expensive. That’s why I think online dating is by far the best way to meet Argentinian men. The platforms give you a chance to explore your options in ways that meeting these Latino hunks in person never could!

In addition to giving you options, meeting Argentinian men online works really well for super shy people. That way, you get to ease your way into the interactions without your nerves and social anxiety getting in the way.

Here’s a review of, the best site for finding an Argentinian boyfriend.


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This dating platform offers basic and advanced search tools, such as instant messaging, video messaging, and chat rooms. Create a detailed profile that highlights your interests, hobbies, and preferences, and let the site’s matching algorithm introduce you to your potential Argentine match.

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  • A vast, diverse user base from various Latin American countries
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  • The busy interface may be overwhelming for new users
  • Some features require a paid membership
  • Pricing may be considered expensive compared to other dating websites


In conclusion, is an exceptional platform for exploring the world of dating Argentine men. While the website’s interface could be improved for a better user experience, the diverse user base and range of features make it worth the investment. Embark on this exciting journey and let the allure of Argentine romance sweep you off your feet!

How to impress an Argentinian guy

Before we call it a wrap, it is time to play the fairy godmother and equip you with all the tricks and tips you need to bag your own Argentinian Prince Charming.

Here are six foolproof ways to get and keep the attention of these gorgeous men.

Get friendly with his friends and family

The quickest way to an Argentinian man’s heart is through his family, which includes close friends. Their opinion of you matters a lot, so it is important to create a relationship with them. This will also make your life easier later on, as dating an Argentinian man means dating his whole clan.

Work on your physical appearance

Don’t get me wrong – working on your physical appearance does not mean that Argentinian men are shallow and focused on the superficial only. They love women of all colors, sizes, and shapes!

However, putting effort into things like your grooming and fashion will definitely help earn you some points if you are trying to impress an Argentinian man.

Try to bridge that language barrier

Spanish is the most widely spoken language in Argentina. Learning a bit of the language will help impress your Argentinian love interest as well as his friends and family.

It will also help make your relationship a bit easier as the language barrier is one of the main reasons international relationships fail.

Learn a thing or two about soccer

The first thing you should learn is that people in Argentina call it football. The love for the game is a part of the culture in the country.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an expert in the game overnight to get an Argentinian man. However, showing some interest and basic knowledge of the teams he supports will earn you plenty of points.

Share your passions with him

Argentinian men are very passionate. They are also strongly attracted to women who are also passionate. So share whatever it is that sets your heart on fire, whether it is art, music, or a cause that is really close to your heart.

Learn to take things easy

Argentinian men are pretty laid back for the most part and really appreciate the same attitude from their significant others.

If you want to keep him interested, learn to take life at their chill pace. At the very least, avoid nagging him about how relaxed he is about life.

Wrapping It Up

Dating Argentinian men is a lot of fun! They are passionate, romantic, and spontaneous, which means you will never have a dull moment in your relationship.

Yes, there are a few things you might have to compromise on and adapt to, but I promise you it’s all worth it.

We hope our tips for dating an Argentinian man help you land the guy of your dreams! For more info you can read our guide about dating in Argentina.

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