Costa Rica Men: What You Need to Know Before Dating a Costa Rican Man

If you are interested in dating a Costa Rican man or Tico, you are a woman with great taste!

I have casually and seriously dated a few Costa Rican guys in my life, and I can honestly say that they make the best boyfriends.

I learned the hard way that they do dating and love way differently in Costa Rica than what I was used to.

So, let’s dive right into all you need to know about dating a Costa Rican man. In this article, I’ll teach you:

  • What Costa Rican men are like
  • The Costa Rican dating culture
  • The pros and cons of dating a Costa Rican guy
  • Where to meet a Tico
  • How to win the heart of a Costa Rican man

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What Are Costa Rican Men (Ticos) Like?

Before diving into the Costa Rican dating pool, you first need to know what the men are like. Here are some things I learned about Costa Rican men from my romantic escapades in the beautiful Central American country.

Costa Rican men are gentlemen! Chivalry is their game!

Prepare yourself to be treated like a princess. Costa Rican men sure know how to spoil a girl, and they rarely hold lack. From random sentimental gifts to extravagant grand gestures, these gentlemen will do everything they can to make you feel special. 

It isn’t just about being spoilt with gifts and experiences. Costa Rican guys are proof that chivalry isn’t dead, and this is, without doubt, one of the most beautiful things about them.  

Great integrity

Costa Rican guys are men of integrity and honesty, almost to a fault. While they have their flaws, lying is not one of them, and they will tell you the truth even when it hurts. 

I had an eye-opening experience where a guy was clearly into me, yet he was very open about not wanting to commit. We shall get into that commitment phobia later. But however painful, his honesty was quite refreshing and is something you will eventually learn to appreciate. 

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Generally loyal

Cheating falls in a grey area in the Costa Rica dating culture in my experience. Most Costa Rica guys will never cheat on you, at least not in the typical physical infidelity sense. 

However, they are notorious flirts and may engage in conversations or interactions with girls that rub some girlfriends the wrong way. In Costa Rica, this is not considered cheating.

My advice is to communicate your boundaries as soon as you have defined the relationship. 

They do not lack self-confidence!

Confidence is the name of the game in Latin America, and Costa Rican men are there to play. They are the living embodiment of the stereotypical Latino macho man with their confidence and very attractive egos. 

What makes it so awesome is that they achieve this bravado without crossing the line over to unattractive arrogance. 

They are very friendly! 

Costa Rican men are very friendly. At first, it will feel like you are dating a Costa Rican celebrity as they keep stopping to say hi to some person or other every time you are out together. That is just a part of their friendly nature, making them very approachable. 

What Do Costa Rican Men Look Like?

Date Costa Rica Guy

All the rumors you have heard are true – Costa Rican guys are unbelievably hot! However, something I came to learn dating a few of them is that not all guys fit the tall, dark and handsome stereotype. That said, they are almost always super attractive, whatever aesthetic they have. 

Here are the two most important things you need to know about Costa Rican men’s looks:

Costa Ricans are people of mixed descent

Their features have contributions from different ethnic groups around the world, from Asians and Caucasians to Spanish ancestors. That gives them their lighter skin features and often dark, thick hair.

However, some Costa Rican men with darker skin and curly hair have African heritage. Most Costa Rican men with this aesthetic can be found on the Caribbean coast of the country. 

Most tend to be tall and muscular as health and physical fitness are huge deals in Costa Rican culture in terms of the build. 

Costa Rican men like to dress fashionably and smartly

In addition to being handsome, Costa Rican men are very stylish. They are very intentional about their grooming and what they wear, and it shows. Don’t be surprised if your boyfriend shows up to the date just as dressed up and stylish as you are, if not more. 

Costa Rican men also appreciate women who put effort into their fashion. You don’t have to look like you walked off a runway, but a little effort goes a long way. 

The Dating Culture in Costa Rica

One of the biggest cultural differences I noticed while on my romantic adventures in Costa Rica was how men view relationships. I’ll share a few things that I learned so you don’t have to go through the same shock. 

Costa Rican Men like to keep their options open

Costa Rican men are not the kind of guys who jump straight into a relationship even if they like you a lot. Many of them will prefer to keep their options open for a while before they commit to exclusivity. 

You either have to go with the program and be patient or set your boundaries and put your foot down. Just don’t fake being ok with the arrangement if it actually upsets you. 

There is a good chance your Costa Rican bae may cheat

As far as I am aware, none of the Costa Ricans I dated cheated on me. However, while I was there, I did hear a few horror stories from local girls and foreigners who had dated Costa Rican men. 

While these Latino hunks are known for their honesty and integrity, cheating is not something that they are entirely above. And given how flirty they can be, it is a possibility you should always brace yourself for. 

They are very passionate and intense

When a Costa Rican man or a Costa Rican woman loves someone, they don’t do it halfway. They go all in and love with a passion and intensity you will probably never experience anywhere else. At least I know I haven’t. 

It’s in all the little things they do, from how they treat you like a lady to how they talk to you and respect your opinions. Let’s not even get started on the relationship’s intimacy because these men don’t hold back. 

A Costa Rican man is very unlikely to dump you

Even if he doesn’t love you anymore and wants to leave you, a Costa Rican guy is not likely to dump you easily. Most will want to work things out, and when they eventually give up, they just silently detach and wait for you to cut the cord. 

The pros and cons of dating a Costa Rican guy

Pro – He’ll Know How To Dress Well

Costa Rican men know how to dress stylishly. They are firm believers in wearing clean and unwrinkled clothes, and their overall ‘style’ is very similar to what men from Europe wear on a warm summer day. And contrary to what you may think, Costa Rican men will often wear long pants even though they live in a tropical part of the world. The most logical explanation is that since they’re acclimated to the hot weather, wearing pants instead of shorts on a hot day isn’t all that big of a deal to them.

Pro – He’ll Act Like A Gentleman

He’ll open doors for you, carry heavy bags, and won’t let you walk along the street side of a sidewalk. What can we say? Costa Rican men are very chivalrous and act like true gentlemen. Just spend a single date with him, and it will quickly become apparent. He’ll treat you like a queen!

Pro – He’ll Be Protective Of You

When you’re with a Costa Rican man, you’ll feel safe knowing that no one else will be allowed to touch or mistreat you. He’ll be very protective of you the same way that he’s very protective of his family members, and even if you’re only on your first date. A Costa Rican man can become very attached to and jealous about his girlfriends, which we’ll talk about in a bit, but you’ll never feel unsafe around him.

Pro – He’ll Be Naturally Self-Confidence

Between their tanned skin, an acute sense of style, good looks, and natural charisma, Costa Rican men are seriously among the most naturally confident men in the world. This aura of sheer confidence he projects may even be what draws you to him in the first place.

Con – He Can Get Clingy and Jealous Easily

For all the pros of dating a Costa Rican man, something important you should know is that if he likes you a lot, he’ll become very clingy and jealous. Both guys I dated wanted always to know where I was, who I was with, and what I was doing. In fact, they never hesitated to admit (and loudly) that they were jealous! They didn’t really like when I talked or interacted with other men, even without any romantic or flirty undertones.

Con – He’ll Treat You Like A Part of the Family Immediately

If he likes you a lot, he’ll invite you to meet his extended family over dinner. It could be a good thing if you like him enough that you’re envisioning a future with him. But if you’re not sure if you like him that much yet, then this will be a con because he’ll become overly attached to you too quickly. And if you try to tell him that you’re not yet ready to take things to this level, he could become a little emotional since he may view you as being his whole world.

Where to Meet Costa Rican Guys 

Online Dating in Costa Rica

Online dating is probably the most convenient way to meet single men in Costa Rica. It works well if you are looking for a charming Costa Rican man but traveling to the country is not an immediate option. 

You could also use dating sites to meet Costa Rican men while in the country if you are too shy to approach random strangers. 

If you choose to use online dating sites to meet a Costa Rican man, just make sure to go with trusted sites popular enough in Costa Rica to have a wide dating pool. We recommend or mainstream dating apps like Tinder. This way you can avoid fake profiles.



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Visiting Costa Rica 

If you want to visit Costa Rica, this is another great way to meet a man from this incredibly beautiful country. Who doesn’t want an awesome vacation as the backdrop to the start of their love story?

If you are serious about meeting a man by visiting Costa Rica, I would advise that you avoid extremely touristy spots. Instead, find cities and towns that locals also frequent so you can get a chance to meet them. 

Here are the three best places to meet men in Costa Rica from my experience:

San Jose

The largest city in Costa Rica and also happens to be the country’s capital city. It is a true hub of activity both day and night and is full of fun activities and attractions for you to check out. 

The capital is also very popular among the locals and will give you a chance to truly immerse yourself in the culture and meet all sorts of Costa Ricans. And with all there is to do there, you won’t run out of fun date ideas. 


Jaco is a beach-side city in Costa Rica that is ideal if you want to enjoy some fun in the sun and sand as you continue searching for the perfect Costa Rican sweetheart. 

When you are not looking for your prince charming on the beach by day, you could take your search to the many awesome clubs, bars, and discos in the area with Jaco’s lively night scene. 

Playa Viejo

If you prefer small-town vibes, Playa Viejo is a great place to take your search for a Costa Rican man. It has beautiful beaches that are not as crowded as other tourist hot spots and is perfect if you want to relax on your visit. 

How to Conquer a Costa Rican Man’s Heart 

So how do you get them to notice and fall for you?

Here are a few tips I found handy while I was also on my quest for a Costa Rican man. 

Work on learning the local lingo

Learn Spanish! Learning something as simple as saying hello, making common requests, or using Spanish pet names will impress your guy as it shows you are truly interested in his culture. 

Learn a few dance moves to impress him

The quickest way to a Costa Rican man’s heart is through dance. Don’t worry; you don’t have to suddenly become a salsa expert. Just learn a few moves be willing to have some fun with them. 

Get on the family’s good side 

Family means everything for these men. So if you want to win his heart, you may have first to win his family’s approval. Fortunately, they are usually super friendly and welcoming, which will make things easier for you. 

Be confident

Finally, be confident in yourself. Costa Ricans find this very sexy. They love women with sex appeal and confidence. If you feel too shy, just fake it till you make it. 

Final Thoughts on Costa Rican Males

Dating a Costa Rican guy comes with its pros and cons. He’ll be naturally self-confident, have a great sense of style, keep you safe, and treat you like a queen. These are the traits that are most likely to draw you to him in the first place and why you’ll say yes when he asks you out. These are also reasons why you’ll have a blast dating him. Let’s put it this way: Costa Rican guys are rarely boring.

But on the flip side, if he starts to like you a lot, you’ll become the center of his universe, and he may become too jealous and clingy. He may not even be ready for you to leave the country if you’re just passing through. Be prepared to have an emotional conversation if you’re in this position where he’s indicating he wants you to become a part of his life over the long term, and you’re just not there yet.

Understanding the culture and the customs of Costa Rica is the first and most important step toward building a trusting and serious relationship with a Costa Rican man. It will help you understand the dynamics between men and Costa Rican women and their roles on the dating scene here.

Thanks to the tips that we gave you in this article, you will be able to meet, date, and conquer the heart of a Tico in no time. So what’s stopping you from taking that Spring Break or next trip down to Costa Rica? Ultimately, we can only tell you so much, and the next step is to go and see what Costa Rican guys are like yourself!

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