Puerto Rican Men: Tips For Dating a Puerto Rican Man

Few Caribbean islands are as fun or alluring to visit as Puerto Rico.

As an island territory of the United States located in the Caribbean Sea, Spanish and English are spoken widely throughout the island, and the tropical climate makes it an attractive destination for tourists.

If you’re planning on visiting the island yourself and are looking for advice on how to date an attractive Puerto Rican man you encounter, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are our top tips for dating a Puerto Rican man.

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What Are Puerto Rican Men Like?

If you’re wondering what a Puerto Rican man’s personality traits or general attitude towards life are, I can say from experience that these guys are:

Very Handsome

Puerto Rico men are handsome beyond words, and I understood their frequent comparison to Greek gods once I saw them.

Yes, they are not the tallest (average height is 5’5” or thereabouts), but they more than make up for it with their toned bodies, tanned skin, and dark hair. In addition, their strong arms and noticeable bottoms trigger fantasies in no time.


They make the most of their gifted appearance and gym-toned bodies by adopting a complementary style. Be it a casual appearance in body-hugging T-shirts and jeans or a formal outing, their carefully chosen outfits make them look super sexy.

They top off their look with subtle accessories like a bracelet, belt, perfume, and leather moccasins, that elevate their charm.


Family Oriented

Puerto Rican people of both genders tend to be very traditional and family-oriented. The young man you date may even still live with his family, as it’s not uncommon for parents, children, aunts, uncles, and grandparents to all live under the same roof. If the relationship gets serious, he will be eager to introduce you to them.


Puerto Rican guys are also amiable and hospitable to all people, including travelers such as yourself. If you’re nervous or anxious about having a man approach you, know that if it’s a Puerto Rican guy, he will likely do so in a charming manner with a smile on his face.

Polite and Respectful

They are thorough gentlemen. Puerto Rican guys grow up learning to respect everyone around them and treat women with the utmost respect. They will go out of their way to comfort you and make you feel special by opening doors, pulling chairs, and welcoming you with flowers.

However, if they run into someone familiar on the street, they might leave you on your own for a bit, as they are yet to learn how to manage situations that compete for attention.

Hopeless Romantics

This one may be an exaggeration, but Puerto Rican men are very romantic towards the women they love. Don’t be surprised if you find that he’s going over the top with his constant compliments and his expressions of love to you, as well as taking your relationship very seriously.

They Have a Temper

Puerto Rican men, like Peruvian men, are very passionate, and while this can lend itself naturally to him being very sensual and romantic towards you, it can also occasionally result in a serious temper. While it likely won’t be common for his temper to flare up, when a Puerto Rican man gets mad, you’ll know it.

Puerto Rican Men and Relationships

Puerto Rican Men

When dating a Puerto Rican guy, here’s what you can expect in your relationship with him:

He Will Love to Touch

Puerto Rican men crave physical touch, both inside and outside of the bedroom. In public, he won’t be able to resist putting an arm around your shoulder while you’re walking down the streets. Or he’ll put a hand over your knee or thigh while you’re sitting down. He also may shower you with kisses or caresses while in public as well. 

He’ll Be Very Sensual with His Words

Beyond loving physical touch, Puerto Rican men know how to use their words to express their love towards a woman. When you’re in a relationship with him, he’ll express how he feels to you constantly and often in a very sensual manner. Again, don’t be surprised if you find yourself thinking that he sometimes goes over the top with his verbal expressions towards you.

He Will Be Very Adventurous

Puerto Rican men are very adventurous and enthusiastic people, and they are not the kind of men who will sit around in front of the TV. If you date a Puerto Rican guy, know that you’re in for a ride, and he’ll constantly be bringing you along from one activity or event to the next. 

They Can Be Possessive and Jealous

If you are used to leading an independent life, you might find Puerto Rican men a bit overbearing.

They can go overboard with their care and curiosity, leaving you craving for personal space. They usually do not like it when their girl hangs out with her own group of friends. Things might take an ugly turn if you have a lot of male friends that you meet frequently.

Where to Meet Puerto Rican Guys

In Puerto Rico

Puerto Ricans are outgoing, and you’ll find lots of guys hanging out at gyms, coffee shops, and similar public places. They can’t keep off the dance floor, so any place that plays Puerto Rican music is a good bet as well.

Your only challenge will be to isolate them from the pack, as it is common for singles to hang out with family and friends.

San Juan is one of the single hotspots with restaurants, commercial centers, nightclubs, and bars. The place roars to life at night, as there is music and dancing everywhere – the perfect ambiance to pursue your man.

I recommend checking out these places:

  • District San Juan
  • Ocean Club
  • La Respuesta
  • Club Vibra Hookah Bar & Lounge
  • Dancers Club, Ponce
  • Toxic Night Club

If you want to venture out during the day, San Juan also has attractive tourist spots such as:

  • El Yunque National Forest
  • Castillo San Felipe del Morro
  • Castillo de San Cristobal

Online dating in Puerto Rico


Online dating is a great option if you want to get a sneak peek at the dating pool. Online dating is a big hit in Puerto Rico, and local singles often sign up for dating sites such as CaribbeanCupid.com.

It saves you the hard work of checking out men at random places around the country. Additionally, you can filter out the men of your interest from thousands of interesting profiles.


Ladies, are you seeking that charming Puerto Rican gentleman to sweep you off your feet? Look no further than CaribbeanCupid.com, your one-stop destination, to find that perfect match with a Caribbean flair.

Imagine the warm ocean breeze caressing your hair as you explore this vibrant dating site, bustling with singles who share your passion for life and love. With its extensive search options, you can effortlessly find your ideal partner based on location, age, interests, and more. Connect with potential suitors through messaging, photo and video sharing, or engaging in delightful online chats.

CaribbeanCupid.com welcomes you with open arms, offering both free and paid membership options. As a free member, create your captivating profile, search for matches, and express your interest with a simple click. But if you’re craving more, a paid membership unlocks unlimited messaging, profile views, and advanced search filters for that extra dash of spice.

While membership fees vary, starting at $29.98 for a month and up to $119.98 for a year, the chance to find your Puerto Rican prince charming is truly priceless.

Admittedly, CaribbeanCupid.com’s membership base may be smaller than some competitors, but this cozy community exudes an intimate charm. So, if you’re ready to embark on a romantic adventure with a touch of Caribbean magic, join CaribbeanCupid.com today and let the rhythm of love guide you.


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This dating site specializes in connecting you with irresistible Caribbean singles, creating love stories as vibrant as the islands themselves.

CaribbeanMatches.com stands out with its in-depth questionnaire, ensuring that you’ll be matched with captivating Puerto Rican men who share your interests and desires. Don’t worry about long registration times – the site lets you browse profiles and connect with potential matches for free!

For those who want to dive deeper, the Standard Plan at $24.99/month offers premium search filters, personalized messaging options, and white-glove customer service to elevate your dating experience. Although not the cheapest option, it’s still a great value compared to other niche dating sites.

CaribbeanMatches.com spoils you with features like instant messaging, email exchanges, video chat, and advanced search filters to help you find your perfect match. While it may not have chat rooms, forums, or a mobile app, its simplicity and user-friendly design keep your focus on what truly matters: your blossoming love story.

In a nutshell, CaribbeanMatches.com is your portal to a world of romantic adventures with charming Puerto Rican men. Its straightforward approach and emphasis on meaningful connections make it the ideal platform to embark on your journey towards true love in the Caribbean.

How to Date a Puerto Rican Guy

Here are some final dating a Puerto Rican man tips to take into account:

Learn Spanish

Yes, Spanish and English are both spoken in Puerto Rico, but Spanish is most likely the language he uses among his family and friends. As a traveling woman, if you can engage with him in Spanish yourself, he will likely be very impressed.

Be Passionate Yourself

Like most Cuban men, Puerto Rican guys love delicious cuisine, and local men and women are known for being excellent cooks. If you want to win a Puerto Rican guy’s heart, there’s an old saying that you can do so through his stomach.

Learn to Show Him Respect

As noted previously, Puerto Rican men can have an occasional temper, and this will flare up when he feels that you are unnecessarily disrespectful towards him. If there’s anything you’re upset about, communicate it to him in a respectful manner without getting upset over anything petty.

Flirt a Lot & Give Him Compliments

Puerto Rico men like to keep things hot and spicy. They are passionate about life, and there will never be a dull moment around. You should add a bit of sauce to it by teasing and flirting with your partner (without coming across as desperate). This will keep the relationship healthy, subtly convey your interest and make you more desirable.

They work a lot on their appearance, and it would be nice of you to appreciate it. Be it his hairstyle, choice of clothes, or perfume, there is never a bad time to slip in a compliment.

Take Good Care of Yourself

Puerto Rico men like to flaunt their girlfriends to their family and friends. After all, your looks were the first thing that attracted them to you. So do not neglect your looks once you land your man. Keep working out and dress sexily if you want to keep the flame alive, just the way it was when you first met!

Ready to Date a Puerto Rican Man?

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand Puerto Rican men better and offered you an idea of what it will be like to date them. Puerto Rican men are polite, family-oriented, and deeply passionate in their approach towards life. What more could you ask for?

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