Dating in Argentina: Learn The Secret of the Argentina Dating Culture

Argentina’s beautiful landscapes, exquisite wine, rich cultural heritage, Spanish-era architecture, and welcoming people make the perfect setting for a memorable trip.

Whether you are in the country for business or holiday, having some fun with Argentine men and women would spice things up!

This comprehensive guide answers all your questions about dating in Argentina, including:

  • The Argentina dating culture
  • What’s it like dating an Argentine woman
  • What do you need to know about Argentinian men
  • Where can you meet singles in Argentina

The Argentinian dating culture

argentine woman

Dating in South America is very different from anywhere in the world, particularly from the U.S.A. and Western Europe. 

Argentine dating can be a minefield, as you never know which step would trigger off an emotional explosion.

Here are a few points to keep in mind while dating in Argentina.

The fire and ice game

Your date can’t stop singing praises for you all through the day when you’re together and over text messages later that night. And then they suddenly disappear for weeks without ever dropping in a word about his/her whereabouts. 

Well, call it crazy, but that’s Argentina dating primer for you!

Emotional roller-coaster

If you are past the initial phase and feel you are getting to know your date, think again. It is the stage that can get emotionally draining!

It may feel like your date is reciprocating your feelings of eternal companionship for a while, but then these emotional, impulsive tantrums peak.

Hot-headedness is so common here that there is an actual word for it, i.e., histerico (hysterical).

Friend circles remain exclusive

Unlike in other dating cultures, it is not common to merge your group of friends into one and hang out together once you start dating. 

You and your Argentinian partner would continue to have separate friend circles, and they would only meet formally. And you’d continue being his/her boyfriend/girlfriend.


There are lots of attractive people in Argentina and people are never short of options. It is almost understood that you would eventually cheat with someone else no matter who you are dating. If it is any consolation, you also get to do this!

Strong cultural roots

All is not lost, though. Argentinians have a strong value system, and people are raised in joint families. They have higher social and emotional quotient, and you can be sure your partner will be by your side through sunshine and storm.

Dating Argentina Women

Dating Argentina Woman

Argentinian girls are everything you dream them to be – natural beauty, breathtakingly beautiful, tall, and sexy with divine facial features. They are also elegantly feminine, which makes them the complete package. 

Their looks are not everything, though! Here’s everything you need to know about dating Argentina women

What do Argentinian women expect from their partners?

Argentinian girls are quite different from other Latinas. Hence, even if you have dated Latinas in the past, this will be an entirely different ball game. 

You need to work on your behavior and personality to impress your Argentinian girl.

The following is what they expect from their men:


For Argentina women, dating is all about fun and adventure. They are high on adrenaline and expect their partner to play along!

They would rather go for a hike, ride, or swim than sit on the couch watching movies. That is your perfect chance to explore the country while spending time with her.


Argentinian girls consider themselves to be superior to other Latinas, and it shows in their attitude. They equate themselves to the sophisticated, urbane Europeans. The sooner you realize this and treat them accordingly, the smoother things will be.


You have to be a man of class to last with hot Argentinian women. Picking them up for a date and dropping them back home, opening doors, pulling chairs, and similarly refined gentlemanly acts would keep things on course.

What can men expect from their Argentinian girlfriends?

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Keep in mind that Argentine women are proudly aware of their superiority, and most of them would have men lining up for a date. You need to up your game to be dating them. 

Here are a few points to keep in mind:

They play hard to get

Despite their fun and friendly personalities, the beautiful ladies have an aura of arrogance around them. Seducing them won’t be as easy as it is with other Latinas, who might end up in your home after a couple of nights at the bar.

Punctuality takes a backseat

Argentinian girls have to justify their pride, and dressing up is the first thing they resort to. It is common to wake up late and take hours to dress up. Don’t be surprised if your date makes you wait for hours, especially when you start dating.

Hard to impress

Argentina is amongst the most prosperous countries in Latin America. The ladies have not been as deprived as their counterparts from other South American countries. Therefore, you won’t impress them by throwing money around and showing up with an American or European passport. You’ll need to genuinely connect with them to win them over.

Dating Argentine Men

Argentine Man Dating Tips

The country’s women dominate all the literature around dating in Argentina. Despite being under-rated, the men hold their own on the international dating stage, attracting more female attention than you think.

If you have been mesmerized by these eye candies and want to get up, close, and personal with them, remember the following points.

What do Argentine men expect from their partners?

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While dating an Argentine man, expect frequent physical contact, especially in public places. They like to show off their women, so hugging and kissing in public is something you should be OK with.


Argentinian guys love to survey the market before they decide on settling down. At times, this can take longer than expected. If you are in it for the long haul, be patient, trust your connection, and take the next step one day.

Embrace Argentine culture

Argentine families are large, and several generations stay together. If you see yourself getting any further with your guy, embrace this rather than opposing. The men dream of a woman who would treat his family as her own and get along with them.

Traditional gender roles

A post-marriage tip – the man is the breadwinner, and he wants his Argentinian woman to stay home and look after the family. Even though this belief is changing, women are still seen as homemakers, who would nurture the family and look after the children.

What can you expect from dating Argentinian guys?

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Unconventional, fun, adrenaline-filled dates

Argentinian men are adrenaline junkies, and if you let them plan your date, it would seldom be a quiet dinner at a posh restaurant. It will more likely involve adventure sports, secret beaches, and carnival dancing.


These are old-school guys who love to treat their women like queens. No matter how independent you are, expect them to pull chairs, open doors, offer you a jacket, etc.

Dramatized conversations

You need to put up with his exaggerated conversations, sudden mood swings, and other such impulsive behavior. It stems from his Latino spirit, where their love for drama often causes a fight on the street for no apparent reason.

Where to meet Argentinian singles

woman from buenos aires

In Argentina

Mingling with singles in Argentina is difficult compared to other Latin American countries. Foreigners find it hard to break into groups of local singles, and even if you do, the road to getting a date is often long and treacherous.

If you are in the country on a short trip, you would need to focus on the places most likely to have open-minded Argentinians. 

Here are the top cities and places to check out to meet local women:

Buenos Aires

Argentina’s capital city is also the largest and one of the best cities in Latina America. Its culture has an unmistakable European footprint, and there is plenty of well-preserved Eclectic European architecture to savor.

The day game is challenging to execute all across the country, and Buenos Aires is no exception. However, it’s multinational, multi-lingual demographics should be enough inspiration to give it your best shot.

Palermo and Recoleta are decent areas to try it out to meet with Buenos Aires women or men. Head over to these popular shopping centers:

  • Alto Palermo
  • Galerias Pacifico
  • Metropolitan Cathedral
  • Jardin Botanico
  • Rosedal Garden
  • Praque Centenario

Palermo stands out for its nightlife, and tourists find it relatively easy to approach singles. It has restaurants, cocktail bars and nightclubs frequented by local singles and tourists alike, and is probably your best bet to find a date in the entire country!

Here are some of the buzzing places for planning your evenings:

  • Le Cabrera
  • Don Julio
  • Pony Line
  • Notorious
  • Bar Soria


It is a relatively quiet city, with day dating areas restricted to Centro and downtown. 

It is home to numerous wineries that produce 70% of the country’s total wine production. A tour to one of these will be enriching, and you will have a chance to interact with other locals and tourists.

More realistically, check out the following shopping complexes and restaurants/cafes around them, for they are frequented by singles afternoon onwards:

  • La Barraca Mall
  • Pyramid Mall
  • Palmares Open Mall


Cordoba is the second-most populous city in Argentine. It is easily accessible and has a strong cultural history, courtesy the Spanish colonial rule. UNESCO World Heritage Site Jesuit Block is amongst its most famous structures.

University area has many singles passing through during the day, as it hosts contemporary cafes and restaurants. If you want a more urban environment to execute your day game, head over to the following:

  • Patio Olmos Shopping
  • Córdoba Shopping Center
  • Dinosaur Mall Alto Verde
  • Nuevocentro Shopping

Cordoba’s large population and university life fuel its nightlife. Nueva Cordoba, Guemes, and Chateau are main attractions. Some of the places to check out are:

  • Studio Theater
  • Ganesha
  • Casa Blanca
  • Panther
  • Unplugged
  • Jetlag
  • Lemon Disco

How to meet Argentinian singles online


Thanks to the progressive, cosmopolitan demographic of major Argentine cities, its online dating stage is alive and kicking. 

Whether you are apprehensive about going out or want to do the groundwork before landing in the country, online dating is an efficient way to get started. is the leading online dating platform globally. It spans 32 countries and uses advanced algorithms to match you with compatible singles. 

It is a dedicated platform that helps foreigners find Latin American partners, and the services extend beyond the online world. So, you can easily meet Argentinian women on this site.

Live Chat, Video Calls, Virtual Gifts, etc., are some exciting communication channels to get you going. 

Its free trial feature of paid memberships makes LatinWomanLove worth giving a shot at!

Other Argentinian dating sites to check are:

Safety and security in Argentina

Argentina does not report many alarming incidents, but we recommend being alert as you would in any foreign country. 

If you have been to less secure countries like Colombia and Venezuela, you’ll find Argentina more secure.

You can never be too cautious, so here are a few safety tips while you’re in the country:

Notice your surroundings

Always be aware of where you are headed and who is around you. It will keep you out of the petty crimes net. Have local security numbers on speed dial for emergencies.

Choose transport carefully

Take a radio taxi wherever you can, so you never have to worry about whether you’re on the right route on what your driver’s true intentions are. Avoid unregulated taxis, no matter how cheap they come.

Avoid certain neighborhoods

There are areas like La Boca that are renowned for dangerous crimes. As a tourist, you have no business going there. Get information from your hotel’s helpdesk before making plans to explore the city.

Don’t carry cash and documents

You can roam around in the city without your passport and other travel documents. Keep them safe in your hotel. Carry minimal cash and just one card (preferably debit) that you might need.

Argentina is a beautiful country with warm people. Respect the culture, be kind to people, and you’ll have a blast out there!

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