10 Hot Uruguay Models To Follow On Instagram

Uruguay is the second smallest country on the South American continent, best known for its beautiful coastline, vast open spaces, football, historical landmarks, and the wine industry. Though it often gets overshadowed by its neighbors Brazil and Argentina, the women are just as gorgeous, and that’s what we’re here to discuss – the best Uruguay models you can follow on Instagram.

Let’s take a closer look.

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Laura Prieto (@lauraprietov)

Laura is a well-known television personality in Chile. Born in Uruguay, Laura started working on modeling assignments at the age of 13 and moved to Chile at 16. Formally trained in modeling and theater, Prieto has hundreds of fashion shows and photoshoots in her portfolio.

She is an Instagram sensation, followed by over 967k followers. Laura is the one to follow if you are looking for an Uruguayan hottie who raises the temperature with her glamorous outfits. Be it the skimpiest bikinis or the latest trending bodysuit, her thousands of Instagram pics cover it all!

Eunice Castro (@eunicecastroc)

Eunice is a well-known television personality across Uruguay and Argentina. She has demonstrated her skills as a model, television personality, theatre actor, dancer, and anchor. She has walked the catwalk around the world (including Paris) and has been featured on the cover of major magazines such as Gente. She famously hosted the Uruguayan television program Minute to Win it and shot commercials for Pepsi.

Eunice has 26.2k followers on Instagram – a fan base that is growing all the time. Her posts are about her assignments, commercials, personal life, and travels.

Virginia Dobrich

Virginia is another Uruguayan star well-known across Uruguay and Argentina. She has entertained millions since 2008 when she began her dancing career in Bailando por un suneo 2008. She formed a hit pair with dance partner Tota Santillan, and the pair teamed up for Bendito Total the following year.

Virginia is renowned for her dancing, though she has done acting and theatre, along with cabaret. She has also been a successful vedette and is modeling for the magazine v12. She has her own dance academy, We Dance (@wedance16), which is known for identifying and nurturing dancing talent.

Monica Farro (@moni.farro)

Monica is a theatre and television actress who started her career at an early age. If you are looking for seduction, this former Playboy TV erotic model is the one to follow. She was in her prime in 2004, a year in which she was chosen as Miss Uruguay for Miss Playboy 2004. She has also been featured in numerous musical shows and has been a super vedette in some of those.

Her Instagram account is followed by over 1 million, who are treated to glimpses of her personal life. Be it fashion, fitness, dance, music, or seduction, Monica ensures her fan base gets a little bit of everything!

Claudia Fernandez (@cfernandezok)

Claudia is an established TV presenter and model who is now a businesswoman. She was spotted by a photographer when she was 15, walking along the street with her Grandmother. That break gave her the opportunity to model for photographers, which led her to being featured on Channel 4 (Uruguay). She has not looked back since, featuring in advertising campaigns, television shows, reality shows, talk shows, and Playboy.

Even though Claudia’s modeling career is past its peak, she is a successful businesswoman and has 287k Instagram followers. Follow her for inspirational quotes, fitness, fashion, beauty, and travel-related posts.

Liliana Garcia (@liliangarcia)

Liliana is an Uruguayan-Chilean actress who has earned many accolades for her work across films, television, and theatre. This 1981 graduate in Dramatic Arts has worked in the entertainment industry for decades, and her work has been widely recognized by audiences, critics, and governments. She was invited to be the honorary cultural associate of the Uruguayan embassy in Chile, given her work in both countries.

This 65-year-old has proved that age is just a number. She has 862k Instagram followers and posts regular updates to keep the fans informed about her whereabouts. She posts about fashion, fitness, vacations, singing, events, and much more.

Andrea Ghidone (@andreaghidoneoficial)

Andrea is another Uruguayan beauty who has mesmerized audiences with her work in acting, dancing, modeling, and television. She has also been a stand-up comedian and featured in musicals, to add to her Maxim cover feature in June 2010.

While she currently focuses on her television and comedy theater careers, she connects with her fans through Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. She has 125k Instagram followers, and if you join the clan, you’ll be up to date with her latest performances, travels, and vacations.

Natalia Oreiro (@nataliaoreirosoy)

Natalia is another Uruguayan beauty wearing many hats. She is an actress, model, songwriter, presenter, and fashion designer. She has been in showbiz since 1990, switching completely to films in 2008. She’s sold over 10 million records as a singer and was nominated for MTV Video Music Awards. Her mini series Yosi, the Regretful Spy, premiered on the Amazon Prime Video platform early this year, followed by Santa Evita.

Her Instagram account has over 1.4 million followers and is professionally maintained. She will surely transport you into a surreal world through her artistically shot, thoughtful, and at times seductive photographs. She works on social causes and is associated with Greenpeace and UNICEF.

Micaela Orsi

Micaela is a millennial Uruguayan who has continued the country’s rich tradition of producing glamorous models who make your heart skip a beat. She won the title of Miss Universe Uruguay 2013, which earned her the right to represent Uruguay in the season’s Miss Universe competition.

She was one of the title favorites for Miss Universe 2013. She continued her hard work in Colombia, taking lessons in oration, makeup, catwalk, expressions, and protocol to fine-tune her personality. Unfortunately, she had to withdraw from the competition due to visa denial by the Russian Embassy.

Johana Riva (@johanarivag)

The last on the list but by no means the least, we have Johana Riva. Johana is a model who has been participating in beauty pageants since she was 16. She has the coveted titles of Miss Uruguay 2014 and Miss Tourism Uruguay 2008 to her name, to add to her fashion shows and commercial shoots for established brands across Uruguay and Peru.

574k users already follow her Instagram feed. She is a travel freak, and if her profile pic is anything to go by, you’ll be treated to the many avatars of Johana in her feed, ranging from a seductive goddess to a sophisticated model.

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