10 Hot Panama Models To Follow On Instagram

Panama is a uniquely located trans-continental country famous for its beaches, rainforests, national parks, and bustling cities. Equally unique are the country’s ladies, who are the perfect blend of looks, charm, and personality that turn heads.

In this article, we’re uncovering Panama’s hidden gems, set to dazzle the world in days to come.

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Anyoli Abrego (@anyoliabrego)

Anyoli is a Panamanian model and beauty pageant winner. Since she won the Chica Modelo modeling contest in 2006 as a 19-year-old, she has been going places. Anyoli won the Senorita Panama 2010 contest, which propelled her to the world stage, where she represented the country in Miss Universe 2010.

Anyoli is a popular Instagram personality, having more than 46k followers. Her feed has thousands of professionally shot, delightful photos and reels captured at picturesque locations worldwide.

Whether you are looking for jaw-dropping, sensuous photoshoots or exotic places, Anyoli’s feed has it all.

Solaris Barba (@solarisbarbac)

Solaris is a Panamanian model and dancer. She is the latest beauty queen from the country, having won Miss Universe Panama 2022 title that earned her a spot at the Miss Universe 2022. She also holds the title of Miss World Panama 2018 and went on to represent Panama in Miss World 2018 competition.

Other than modeling, she finds time for nurturing her co-owned food truck venture, working as a TV host, creating digital content, and doing philanthropic work. Having achieved a lot at 23, she keeps her 56k Instagram followers engaged by regularly sharing photographs from her photoshoots, stage performances, travels, and her personal life.

Sara Bello (@sarabello18)

Sara Bello is another Panamanian beauty who has mesmerized people around the world and continues to rule hearts. Her most notable achievements are the titles of Miss Panama Intercontinental 2013 and a top 15 finish in Miss Intercontinental 2013.

This beauty already has more than 136k followers on Instagram and shows no signs of slowing down post-motherhood. Her feed is a healthy mix of family pictures, photoshoots, reels, and vacation captures. She has also uploaded pics from her pregnancy days, which is an inspiration to many.

Gladys Brandao (@gladysbrandao)

Gladys is a former Miss Panama (2015) and represented Panama at the Miss Universe 2015 pageant. At the time, Gladys was the eighth woman from Los Santos to win the title, adding to the province’s rich history of producing beauty queens. She has since taken up acting and TV hosting.

Her Instagram profile is an absolute treat to the eyes. Whether mundane supermarket shopping, a sizzling bikini photoshoot, or a lion safari – she knows how to attract eyeballs. No wonder she already has 242k followers on Instagram. If you want to be up to speed with the happenings in Glady’s life, following her on Instagram is a good idea. She keeps her followers engaged by posting frequently and already has 1800+ posts for you to catch up on!

Carolina Brid (@carolinabrid)

This brown-eyed beauty stands tall at 5’11” and has participated in beauty pageants around the globe. Carolina has won numerous pageants, the most famous being Miss Panama 2013 and Miss Tourism Metropolitan 2011. Besides acting and hosting TV shows, Carolina is actively involved in growing her clothing store and wellness website.

Carolina’s Instagram profile wonderfully captures her various avatars. Be it a sexy walk along the beach or a sponsored post with a global fashion brand; she knows how to ace the social media game.

Alessandra Bueno (@alessgood)


Continuing our fascination with Panamanian beauty pageant title winners from the past decade, we present to you the multi-lingual Alessandra Bueno, the winner of Miss Panama World 2016. Other than modeling, she has a stellar academic career. She has a double degree in economics and international relations. She is pursuing a master’s degree from the prestigious London School of Economics under the lucrative Chevening Scholarship.

She pays special attention to her Instagram feed, meticulously captioning her pics and reels. Her 12.3k followers are kept busy through updates about her family, travels, and media presence.

Giosue Cozzarelli (@giosuecozzarelli)

In an exception to this list, Giosue is not a Miss Panama title holder but attained popularity through the Panamanian reality show Realmente Bella Senorita Panama 2009. After making it to the top 10, she fumbled a question in a subsequent round that sparked a series of comments on the internet. However, she made the most of its popularity and rode it to establish herself as a model and even launch her clothing brand.

She has since become a YouTube and Instagram celebrity, with over 36k followers on Insta. She maintains a check to keep her Insta spam free, which means you won’t be able to see her posts until you follow her.

Keity Drennan (@keitydrennan)

Keity seems to have taken the best of the gene pools of her father (American) and mother (Indian). Unsurprisingly, this 5’9” tall beauty with brown eyes has won Miss Panama 2016, among other pageants. Her modeling career got underway in 2008 when she won the Chica Chico Modelo contest. That earned her a contract with a modeling agency Physical Modelos – a partnership that’s ongoing to this day.

She has over 101k followers on Instagram. If you want to know about her journey and travels, join the list and treat yourself to this delightful beauty.

Mehr Eliezer (@mehr.eliezer)

Mehr is a Panamanian beauty who got global exposure very early. Born in New Delhi, she has already been to Panama, the Philippines, and the USA for her upbringing and education. She won the Senorita Panama 2019 and was unplaced at the Miss Universe competition.

She is multilingual, with exposure to swimming, boxing, theater, and singing while in school. She has over 47k Instagram followers, who are treated to exotic photographs from her travels and photoshoots.

Maricely Gonzalez (@maricely28)

Maricely is a serial beauty pageant contestant and winner who gained popularity through her participation in beauty contests during the 2010-2012 period. Her most notable title is Miss Panama World 2012, where she also bagged the Miss Photogenic and Best National Costume Awards.

Maricely’s 19.3k Instagram follower list is rapidly growing, thanks to her regular updates. Now that she is a mother, her posts revolve around the child. However, don’t be surprised if she mesmerizes you with a few bikini pics here and there.

Panama is a country that celebrates beauty. Now that you know a few lovely ladies from the land, we hope you will join their long list of followers and be entertained.

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