Beautiful Cuban Women – 9 Hot Cuban Models Who Should Be on Your Radar

If you’re anything like me, you follow the modeling industry closely.

Now, let’s be real: from a close perspective, it’s easy to see that a fair share of the models doesn’t belong in the industry, and I make this assumption based on more than just looks. Many of the models lack the knowledge, style, and fashion sense to survive in the ever-evolving modeling world. (Yes, I just busted the myth old as time: being a model requires more than just a pretty face!)

But it seems as if Cuban models have it all: looks, brains, and that special something that makes them stand out. Don’t believe me? Just watch!

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Vida Guerra

Vida Guerra is a Cuban-American actress, model, and singer. She became popular after appearing in Nelly’s “Hot in Herre” music video in 2002.

Since then, Vida went on to cover the front pages of top magazines like Playboy, FHM, Maxim, and Stuff. As an actress, she has appeared in many films and television shows such as My Cousin Vinny, Dorm Daze 2, and Entourage.

Known as one of the most beautiful women in the world, Vida Guerra’s charming face is a head-turner.  She wins some extra attractiveness points thanks to her body – and the world loves seeing her flaunt it! 

Although born in the mid-70s, Vida Guerra is living proof that age is indeed just a number. I wouldn’t give her a day over 30 – which may be partially due to her choosing to live a healthy life and adopting vegetarianism as her diet.

Lis Vega

Lis Vega is another renowned Cuban model who has been taking the fashion world by storm. She has graced the covers of top magazines and has also walked the runway for some of the best world-class fashion brands.

Lis Vega is famous for her unique look and her ability to blend Cuban heritage with a modern vibe.  She is one of the most popular models in Cuba, and her career seems to be ever on the rise.

Because of her love and passion for modeling and acting, Lis competed with 25 contestants in the 2005 Big Brother VIP show in Mexico. This Cuban beauty also made her appearance in numerous Mexican TV shows, but Santa Diabla and Amorzito Corazon remain the audience’s favorites.

Ariana Barouk

Although modeling is not such a big part of her life anymore, Ariana Barouk was the IT girl back in the day. Now more of a Disney enthusiast and a world traveler, the former Miss Cuba still enjoys sharing throwbacks of her modeling days.

On her Instagram account, she often shares insights of her life as a model, as well as fashion and beauty tips, but there’s something for dog lovers and travelers too!

There’s one thing that’s certain: even though she’s not as active as a model, singer, and actress nowadays, she still provides her followers with major inspiration with her fabulous style and otherworldly beauty.

Lili Estefan

A Cuban model and television host that we can’t help but love, Lili Estefan first made a name for herself when she was hired as a model on the television show Sabado Gigante. Having witnessed her modeling skills and ethereal beauty, numerous producers and directors wanted her on their shows, runways, and telenovelas.

In addition to modeling, Lili Estefan is also a successful television host having hosted shows on Univision and Telemundo. Lili is currently the host of “El Gordo y La Flaca” on Univision.

Estefan’s successful career and good looks have carved her a great niche in the fashion world. Also known as the paternal niece of Cuban singer Gloria Estefan and producer Emilio Estefan, she managed to prove to the world that despite her famous family, she can succeed all on her own.


People often think that the modeling world is very uniform, leaving little to no room for differences. Cami-Li is here to prove us the contrary. 

The beautiful Puerto Rico-born model is unique for her curves, hot looks, and heavily tattooed body. Aside from being a successful alternative model, she was also the host of Models and Rock, a Venezuelan reality show about alternative models.

Given her fame, she also participated in Celebrity Big Brother where she was closely associated with Kirk Norcross.

Fast forward to today, she is a wife, a proud mother, and is among the top five real estate agents on social media. Did her painfully good looks earn her this spot? I believe it was a combination of looks and brains!

Claudia Sampedro

Claudia Sampedro is a Cuban model who began her modeling career at the age of 16. Once she reached the spotlight, it seems as if she never left it – nor does she intend to! This Cuban goddess has appeared in advertising projects and print media as a model, and she has also graced the covers of numerous magazines.

Having been in the industry for over a decade, she has recorded massive success in multiple niches. In 2016, she was cast as a star in the reality TV show ‘WAGS: Miami’ for two seasons.

Being a pretty face to watch and a smarty to follow, she has gained a large number of followers on her Instagram account with more than 1 million people. Yet again, she played her cards right – Sampedro uses her fame smartly! Just a while back, she launched her own clothing brand – WPOISE – and she is invested into expanding her brand’s presence.

Danay García

The Cuban-born model and actress is famous for playing Luciana Galvez on the AMC television series Fear the Walking Dead.  Before portraying Luciana, she played Sofia Lugo on Fox’s drama series Prison Break for two seasons.

Although these are the roles that brought her to fame, Danay has appeared in other television and film projects, including CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, The Cleaner, Super Natural, Hawaii Five-0, Widows, Spiked, Baby Money, etc. She is also the voice behind Alma Diaz in the popular 2016 video game Mafia III.

Of course, her beautiful Cuban face has made it to the pages of popular magazines and advertisements as well.

Marianela Rodriguez

Marianela Rodriguez is a force to be reckoned with and is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after Cuban models. This beauty goddess is also an influential actress who made her TV debut at the early age of 10.

Passionate, fierce, and stunningly beautiful, she is recognized as the face behind a famous beauty blog. On her IG, YouTube, and FB accounts, she shares all things beauty-related, giving her followers unique tips and tricks, but also a peek into her fabulous life.

Relatively young, I bet the best is yet to come from Marianela Rodriguez. If you don’t want to miss out on her next big thing, you can follow her on Instagram – she’s just such a vibe!

Malillany Marín

Born some 41 years ago in Havana, Malillany Marin is a Cuban model and talented actress. Though she is well known in the movie industry, Marin started her career as a model at the age of 24 due to her love for fashion.

Appearing in numerous telenovelas, series, films, and TV shows, she quickly became the audience’s favorite pretty face to watch. She has worked with many big modeling agencies thanks to her undeniably beautiful features,.

Today, Malillany is a famous IG influencer that we can’t help but obsess over. If you are a fashion lover in search of new updates on fashion and style, then she is the go-to model for you.

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