Beautiful Women from Chile – 10 Chilean Models on Instagram You Should Know About

Chile is best known for its fantastic wines, exciting volcanos, and iconic attractions like Easter Island.

Something else Chile is known for is its gorgeous women, from ethereal supermodels to multi-talent beauty queens.

Let us take a closer look at ten hot Chilean women that should be on your radar. Our list includes:

  • pageant queens
  • commercial models
  • Instagram models and influencers
  • Chilean celebrities that got their start on the runway or behind a camera

Let’s get into it!

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Gabriela Pulgar

Gabriela truly stands out among Chilean models with her numerous talents and impressive work ethic.

2011 was a massive year for this Chilean superstar. Her first major milestone was marked when the talented singer bagged the second-place position in the Chile Got Talent competition. While she wasn’t declared the winner, the platform and exposure undoubtedly helped launch her successful musical career.

Gabriela also won the coveted Miss World Chile title in 2011 and represented her country on the world stage. This win also did a lot for her modeling and TV career, cementing her as a showbiz staple in Chile.

Hil Hernandez

Hil Hernandez was the first Chilean to be crowned Miss Earth in 2006. This beautiful Chilean model is known for her passion for environmental and social activism and is still actively involved in humanitarian causes years after her reign as Miss Earth.

At 36 years of age, Hil Hernandez is the perfect example of how gracefully Chilean women age. She is still very active as a model, especially in the print modeling niche.

She is also often featured as a pageant judge, panelist on environmental conservation discussions, and host on Chilean reality TV shows.

Raque Calderon Argandona

Another Chilean model you should keep an eye out for is the triple threat that is Raque Calderon, also known as Kel Calderon.

Kel Calderon got her start in TV on a popular Chilean teen’s TV show. She formed a music group with some of her co-stars from the show, which helped her start her music career. In the late 2000s, Kel officially went solo and officially added the title of singer and songwriter to her many accolades.

In addition to her modeling and acting career, Raque also has a pageant queen past and was crowned Miss Teen Chile in 2008.

Paloma Eslesser

Paloma Eslesser is one of Chile’s first internationally successful supermodels. The plus-sized beauty was born and raised in Britain to an African American mother and a Chilean-Swiss father. Her mixed heritage, breathtaking curves, and irresistible charm are no doubt to thank for her immense success.

Paloma is currently signed to the IMG modeling agency and has already graced magazines like British Vogue. She has also worked with international brands like Nike, Fenty, and Mercedes Benz, both on print and video campaigns and runways. 

Pamela Diaz

Pamela Diaz is truly a household name in Chile and is recognized as one of Chile’s most hardworking and prolific showbiz personalities.

Like many other hot Chilean women on our list, Pamela started in the pageant scene. However, she did not have as much success as many of the beauty queens we have highlighted.

Despite not winning any major titles, though, Pamela made a huge name for herself and managed to snag multiple opportunities from the exposure. These include TV hosting gigs as well as international modeling jobs.

Maria Eugenia Larrain Calderon

Maria is another example of the timeless nature of Chilean beauty. She is also proof that Chilean women are not only beautiful but smart and multitalented as well.

Maria has truly lived an exciting life, having tried her hand in several showbiz career paths, including TV hosting, music, acting, and modeling.

Something interesting about Maria Larrain is that she is of noble heritage as one of the descendants of the 1st Marquis of Larrain. And boy does she suit the ceremonial royal role well with her beauty, brains, and grace!

Maite Orsini Pascal

Maite Orsini Pascal marches to the beat of her own drum in the most beautiful and inspiring way. The lawyer and politician is known for unapologetically rocking her cornrow hairstyles and for her generally edgy style.

Before Maite got into law and politics, she had a successful career as an actress and a model. She started modeling as a teenager for small, local video and print ads. She, later on, got into the reality TV scene and is probably best remembered for winning a cash prize of 6 million Chilean Pesos in a competition TV show.  

Hellen Toncio

Hellen Toncio is a woman of many interests and talents. The beautiful, tall, and slender brunette won the coveted title of Miss Universe Chile in 2014 with the combination of her brains, charisma, and undeniable beauty.

Interestingly, Hellen is also very passionate about sports and fitness. She is a professional volleyball player and has enjoyed the sport since her teen years.

As if all this wasn’t impressive enough, Hellen Toncio also studied odontology, proving that she is as all-rounded as they come in Chile.

Paloma Mami

Paloma Mami is an American-born singer and model born to Chilean immigrant parents. At 21 years of age, the wildly popular reggaeton and R&B singer has all the makings of a superstar with her talent, stage presence, work ethic, and beauty.

When Paloma is thrilling her fans on stage or producing new music, she can be found sharing her fabulous life with her more than 4 million followers on Instagram. Here, she is the true definition of an Instagram baddie and is worth checking out.

Chiara Leone

Wrapping up our list is one of the youngest international talents and Chilean models. At only 20 years of age, Chiara Leone is signed to Elite Model Management.

Chiara has walked on international runways for major brands like Valentino, Armani, and Dolce & Gabbana. She is known for her big, blue eyes and intense, high-fashion posing and facial expressions. With what she has achieved so far, it is safe to say that the sky is the limit for this budding supermodel.  

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