Brazilian Dating Culture: The Ultimate Guide to Meet Brazilian Singles

Due to its sun-kissed pristine beaches, natural resources, Amazon rainforest, and vibrant carnival culture, Brazil is one of the most favored destinations for international tourists. 

Add the passionately insistent men and unmistakably sensuous, bikini-clad ladies to the mix, and you have the perfect recipe for a fun vacation. 

If you plan to date gorgeous Brazilians in this paradise of nature, you should first learn about its culture, the basic Brazilian dating customs, expectations of men and women, as well as a few safety tips. 

This Brazilian dating guide covers all these aspects to prepare you for the ultimate Brazilian adventure you’ve been fantasizing about!

The Brazilian Dating Culture

Brazil’s casual dating culture is an extension of its open, friendly, and fun-loving citizens. 

Dating is viewed more as a way to spend free time than an activity to search for a life partner. The tag of a boyfriend or girlfriend is not treated seriously either, as relationships are often impulsive and short-lived.

Keep these points in mind, and you should get along fine:


You might be having a fun time with your partner (and vice-versa), but the moment a better option comes his/her way, your relationship will be hanging by a thread. It stems from the non-serious element of dating and is not a judgment on their character.

Dating happens fast

It is the positive aspect of the instant nature of Brazilian dates. The questionable loyalty means Brazilians dates are perfect for those looking for a short fling. 

It is a high adrenaline game, where things escalate fast from the first date to sex – not recommended for those seeking life partners!

Be prepared to cede control

Irrespective of how long a relationship lasts, most Brazilians like to call the shots and control their partners. 

The guys are courteous but want to decide who their partners meet, where they go and what they do. 

Girls would dislike your female friends by default and try to limit your communication, purely out of jealousy.

Dating isn’t discreet

Brazilians like to flaunt their partners to the world. Be prepared to be tagged in social media posts and meet all your partner’s friends – letting things brew slowly is just not Brazilian style. 

Dating a Brazilian Woman

Brazilian Women For Dating

Their sexy exterior might give you the impression that dating a Brazilian woman would be all about drinking and dancing in minimal clothing. 

However, it is a different game once you have a Brazilian girlfriend. Keep these tips handy, so you know what is expected of you and vice versa.

What do Brazilian women expect from their partners?


A Brazilian damsel expects you to be with her – mentally and physically – with unwavering attention. 

If you are even thinking of a long-term Brazilian relationship, you must convince her that you genuinely like her for who she is and not because of her body.

Flowers and compliments

You are expected to notice those subtle changes in the girl’s looks and compliment her. That tells her that she’s important to you, and you are focused on her to notice these little changes. 

And yes, nothing like buying her a bouquet of her favorite flowers!

Respect and love

Machoism is a part of Brazilian culture, and Brazilian women are often at the wrong end of it, leading to domestic violence and extramarital affairs. 

They crave to be treated equally and have their opinion heard. Make her comfortable and show her that while you are protective of her, she has an equal say in the relationship.

What’s it like dating Brazilian girls?

LOTS of physical contact

Brazilian dating culture promotes physical contact and kissing when you are welcoming someone or bidding goodbye. The usual greeting is a peck on each cheek, irrespective of gender, and marital status. 

So, if you belong to a society that respects personal spaces, do not freak out when your Brazilian date gets close to her family and friends while greeting them.


Given their liking for physical contact, your Brazilian girl would take it to the next level during dates. Although they view sex as a part of dating, do not mistake her touchy-feely behavior for desperation and avoid rushing her into the act.

Music, Samba, and food

Brazilian dates usually revolve around one or more of these. Your Brazilian woman would invite you to events attended by big groups of family and friends, dancing their way to glory over drinks. It is a window into the Brazilian women culture, and best experienced when you become a part of it.


You probably know this already, but this list would be incomplete without mentioning the sexuality and passion that lies in store. 

Brazilian women work a lot on their bodies and do not mind showing it off. Expect lots of action and work on your stamina – you need it a lot! 

Dating Brazilian Men

brazilian man

The mere mention of Brazil sparks images of bikini-clad Latinas strutting their stuff along the beaches and dancing to Samba, doesn’t it? 

Men never get the attention they deserve, but we are here to fix that mistake!

Brazilian men are underrated and under-complimented. Their strong presence is aptly balanced by passionate eyes filled with Latino charm that can melt the strongest of women. 

Let’s see what they expect from you and what is it like dating them. 

What do Brazilian men expect from their partners?


He will expect you to be his girl everywhere he goes. Though that’s not a bad thing in itself, be prepared to meet his (large) family very soon or go to his friend’s cousin’s party early on.


Brazil is blessed with scenic spots ideal for adventure. The men often like to take a break from the usual drink-dance-eat routine and head off to the forest. They would want you to be a part of all such ordeals!

Embrace his family

That is a typical Brazilian trait, where family comes before everything else. Brazilian Men introduce their date to the family very early, and the lady is expected to get along well with all the members.

Be his Maid, Mommy, and Mistress

Though the trend is changing, men do expect women to do everything for them. 

It is a cultural thing, where a mother takes care of every little aspect of the son’s life even when he’s an adult. Once he starts dating, it is the girlfriend who is expected to transition into that role. 

What’s it like dating Brazilian guys?

Macho personalities

Your Brazilian guy has likely grown up in the country’s macho culture, where women’s voices and rights have been suppressed for decades. His machoism might extend beyond his appearance into his behavior.


Brazilian men are artistic and passionate go-getters. They love art, music, adventure, and yes – cooking! He would plan his dates around these and cook delightful cuisines for you. But do you actually know how to tell if a brazilian man likes you.

They are flirty

It is the part you would probably enjoy the most. They love expressing themselves through physical contact, even if you’re out in public. Things get even naughtier in private spaces.

Sex happens fast

Brazilian culture is casual about dating, and men often expect to get their date in bed no later than the second date. 

They might start wandering the moment they find someone more attractive, even if they are with you. They are flirty by nature, thanks to the country’s casual attitude towards dating. 

Where to meet Brazilian singles

Brazilians are friendly, and it is easy to chat with random people while you are walking the streets, lazing around on beaches, or having a coffee. 

If you are a foreigner, it is even easier for you, given the attention foreigners get in this region.

That said, we know you’re looking for much more than a casual chat, aren’t you? It is best to know the single hotspots in major cities if you are out to find a date. Here are my favorite cities for dating in Brazil:

Rio de Janeiro

Rio De Janeiro

It’s is a huge tourist attraction. Copacabana and Ipanema areas are the most popular singles’ hotspots. 

Things light up after dark as there’s a carnival vibe to the air. There is an unending list of outdoor street parties, nightclubs, and bars in the city, ideal for mingling. Some of our recommendations are:

  • Mud Bug
  • Bip Bip
  • Bar Astor
  • Emporio 37
  • Cervantes
  • Vitrinni Lounge 

Rio isn’t short of excitement during the day either. Christ Redeemer Status is a global attraction throughout the year, buzzing with singles.

You’ve likely heard of the two world-famous beaches Copacabana and Ipanema. You’ll always find local and foreign bikini-clad babes tanning themselves on the sand. 

In case the weather plays spoilsport, you can always head to these malls and make a game:

  • Fashion Mall
  • Botafogo Paria
  • Shopping Village Mall
  • Nova America

Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is Brazil’s largest city. It’s a transport hub with a unique cultural mix of people from across the globe and getting bored is a tough job here. 

If you are looking for a fun evening mingling with singles, check out these nightclubs and bars:

  • D-Edge
  • Le Reve
  • Mahau
  • Zero Club
  • Bar Mangueira 

Salvador de Bahia

First things first, even Brazilians do not consider this place to be safe. However, we understand that you want to know about the city’s dating landscape, so we won’t disappoint you.

We strongly recommend restricting your adventures to Pelourinho and Rio Vermelho. The former is a tourist hub and the latter more of an upscale, expensive area. Staying around these areas would serve both your purposes – safety and casual hookups.

Check out these places to meet local girls:

  • Zen Salvador
  • 30 Segundos Bar
  • Amsterdam Pop Club
  • Cafelier
  • Commons Studio Bar

If you want to get into the day game without knowing Portuguese, you’re in for a long day. Steer clear of the streets and head over to the following places:

  • Salvador Shopping
  • Shopping Center Piedade
  • Porto da Barra Beach
  • Museu da Cidade (City Museum) 
  • Shopping Iguatemi
  • Elevador Lacerda

How to Meet Brazilian Singles Online?


Brazil has a happening dating scene, and tourists usually do the groundwork a few weeks in advance. There are a couple of dating apps you should register for before you arrive in Brazil. is a must-try website where there is no shortage of available singles. This site makes it super easy to date a Brazilian guy or a Brazilian woman.

The website spans 32 countries and comes with both free as well as paid features. You need to fill in a short registration form before you get to explore the services and the extensive search function.

Downloading the app and registering/setting up a profile are free. So is browsing the profiles of other members and viewing their public photos and videos.

Chatting and sending emails are part of the premium membership plan. Other paid features include video chat, choosing a present, etc. The credit-based pricing means you pay for what you use, and each service comes at a pre-determined cost.

The network puts a high priority on security, as it spans across continents. Still, we recommend not to enter any sensitive information on the website or discuss it with other members. 

Safety and Security in Brazil

In general, Brazil is a safe country when compared to other places in South America. However, the country’s rising wealth inequality has forced many into crime. 

Keep these safety tips handy to ensure you enjoy the country’s fantastic weather, Amazon rainforests, heavenly beaches, and adventure hotspots to the fullest.

  • Avoid excess cash – Carry only the amount you need for the day. Keep the rest safely in your accommodation.
  • Carry a single bank card – If possible, do not carry any card at all with you. If you have to do it, take one with a minimal limit.
  • Dress down – When you’re out taking a stroll, choose a simple outfit that helps blend in. Do not flash your expensive gadgets (camera, phone, laptop) unnecessarily and use them discreetly when required.
  • Lock your room properly – While going out, double-check your room is secure and do not leave windows open.
  • Be extra careful at beaches – Do not take surplus stuff to beaches. Things other than towels and spare clothes might be stolen while you’re out enjoying the ocean.
  • Have important numbers handy – Other than the local emergency numbers, have your high commission/embassy number saved on your phone even before you land in the country.

We hope this article on the Brazilian dating culture will help you find a lover for your next trip to Brazil!

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