Mexican Dating Culture: Rules To Follow To Meet Mexican Singles

If you’re planning to travel to Mexico, how about having a sexy Mexican for company while you get immersed in the culture?

Mexicans are warm, hospitable people but the social norms and cultures differ with the region. This makes the dating game a difficult one to crack, as not all the rules are universal.

But do not worry, this Mexican dating culture guide has got you covered!

Read on to know all you need to navigate the cultural maze and ace the dating game in Mexico.

The Mexican Dating Culture

Mexico has a cultural mix of people with varying outlook on dating. There is a growing U.S. influence on the young city dwellers, who view it as a fun experience, not necessarily with marriage in mind.

On the other hand, rural Catholic societies with a traditional mindset want to preserve their values and do not encourage casual dating. However, a man can always resort to the tradition of La Serenata to charm his lady (more on this later).

Here are a few points to note:

  • Mexican guys make the first move – The onus of making the first move lies with the man. Whether it is for dancing or asking out, a man is expected to pursue his lady.
  • Chivalry works – Chivalry is valued and men are expected to be polite and respectful to ladies. Opening doors, paying the bills, and pulling out chairs would secure brownie points for mannerisms!
  • Piropeo tradition – It is common in Hispanic dating culture around the world. Men express their inclination by making affectionate, flirtatious comments such as mi amor (my love).
  • La Serenata – If you thought tradition gets in the way of love, think again! As women live with their families until married, a man shows up at her home with guitarists and proposes her by singing. If the family is willing, the girl comes out and accepts his proposal. Otherwise, they pour water on him!

Dating Mexican Women

Dating A Mexican Woman

The only rule for understanding single Mexican women is that there is no rule at all, as they are all so different. They have to be amongst the most stereotyped women on the planet, as there have been described in the most extreme ways.

In the United States, they are perceived as short, dusky Gringo hunters wanting a way out of Mexico through green cards.

In contrast, many American travelers have described them as passionate Latinas with hot bodies who make good holiday companions.

But what’s it really like to date Mexican girls? Let’s find out!

What do Mexican women expect from their partners?

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Mexican women are raised to believe in traditional gender roles and want their men to be strong and protective. Working on your looks and physique would help.


Deriving from the Mexican dating customs, chivalry is always welcome. Your lady would expect you to be polite and respectful to her, walk slightly ahead of her, open doors, pick her up and drop her back, in addition to paying the bills.

Emotional connection

If you are looking for one night stands, most of the women would be out of the picture. Mexican women expect a deeper connection, where you give them attention and understand them. A few compliments here and there would do no harm either.

What’s it like dating Mexican girls

Mexican women have been wrongly stereotyped for being money hungry. Though these incidents are not uncommon, it is wrong to generalize them based on a few golddiggers. There is actually a deeper element to their personality that is passionate, loyal, and nurturing!

You are in for a fun ride when you date a Mexican girl. Be prepared for the following in your relationship:

Lots of Food

Whether it is a casual meeting or a date, food can never be far away. People from this region are gifted cooks and the ladies love to feed those around her. It is a form of showing affection.

Social interactions

Latinas are social by nature, so expect lots of parties, group hangouts, and fun family dinners with people she cares about the most.


Once you strike a bond with them, they would go to any extent to keep it alive and give everything they have to nurture the relationship. Once you cross the bridge, keep yourself fit, as there will be a lot of sex offered and demanded.

Dating Mexican Men

Mexican Guy

Just like women, there are a lot of stereotypes associated with Mexican guys. The most commonly used adjectives about them are:

  • suave
  • chivalrous
  • musical
  • romantic
  • charming

Though they paint a pleasant picture of these men, the above-mentioned qualities also mean that it is easy for them to seduce women, making cheating a temptation.

Being judgmental seldom helps and you should not paint all the Mexican guys with the same brush. They have a lot to offer when it comes to companionship and dating!

If you have decided to open up to international dating, your experience wouldn’t be complete without a Mexican flavor!

What do Mexican guys expect from their partners?

Hot Mexican Man


It is a common trait across Latinos. Mexican guys put everything into their relationship. They would plan cute evenings with you, open the doors, and treat you like their queen. They would be heartbroken at the slightest hint of wandering from your end.

Family acceptance

Given the Mexican culture and traditional upbringing in close-knit societies, Mexican men would introduce you to their (big) family and friends rather soon. This is uncommon in western, English-speaking societies but just play along when in the Mexican society.


Latinos love to show their women off to the world. Brace up for holding hands, hugging, and kissing at public places.

What’s it like dating Mexican guys?

You’ve likely heard stories about how Mexican guys are notorious for dating women, getting them pregnant, and vanishing from their lives forever.

Though there is an element of truth to that (as it is all around the world), you can look forward to many positive experiences while dating a Mexican man. They actually love to respect the Mexican dating traditions.

Here are the signs a Mexican guy likes you.


It’ll be a pleasant change from the chivalry is dead narrative of the western world. They’ll be there to pick you up, make you comfortable, be polite, open doors, pull chairs, and everything chivalrous you thought only happened in movies.


It has almost become a (good) stereotype that a Mexican man would play the guitar and sing along. Well, it is a part of the Mexican culture so it is a reasonable expectation.


Good or bad, it is a cultural thing and won’t disappear overnight. Mexican guys like to take up a dominant, protective role in dating relationships, and it can get over the top, especially if you are a western, independent woman.


This is the part you’d love the most. Brace up for nice, musical evenings full of fun and dance. He’ll sing for you, cook (spicy food) for you, and plan romantic evenings.


It is almost blasphemy to berate football. The game is a religion so just play along, even if you are not interested.

Where to meet single Mexicans

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In Mexico

There are two major approaches to meeting singles in Mexico – during the day or night. You would likely meet different kinds of people and therefore, need to adapt your game accordingly.

Finding a date during the day can be a long-drawn process. It requires a lot of time and patience, as an instant reward is unlikely.

If you are in the country for a long time, though, it is worth a shot. Just greet any hot women you see around public places (beaches, restaurants, coffee shops, etc.) and you might get lucky.

Evenings are when things get more interesting and rewarding. Mexican cities have a vibrant nightlife so hitting the right nightclub/pub/bar at the right time enhances your scoring chances.

If you are on a short trip, we recommend focusing on the top cities below.

Mexico City

It is a bustling city, with over 2000 small towns. Examples of great nightclubs and pick-up bars that are popular both with local women and men and foreign singles looking to have a good time include:

  • Patrick Miller
  • Mama Rumba
  • Janis
  • Jules Basement

During the daytime, check out areas like La Roma, Polanco, and Condesa that are amongst the favorite hangout places for local singles.

If your direct approach to ladies on the street doesn’t evoke a reciprocal response immediately, do not push the matter and head to the malls.


Cancun has a dedicated nightlife area, literally named the Party Zone. Beaches, nightclubs, and bars are all concentrated within/around it, so you no longer need to visit places like Acapulco, which poses a greater security threat for tourists these days.

Check out these top huge party destinations:

  • Congo Bongo
  • The City Nightclub
  • Mandala Beach Club


Districts like Chapultepec, Centro, and Zapopan are home to the city’s nightlife. Centro can pose some security related issues so if you do not have long, restrict your adventures to the other two districts.

Some of our top recommendations for expats in these areas are:

  • Bar America
  • Lola Lolita
  • Kin Kin
  • Bananas
  • Funky Town

The city is known for its fountains, plazas, parks, museums, and art galleries.

Or try these museums for meeting local and foreign women:

  • Palacio de Gobierno
  • Instituto Cultural Cabanas
  • Wax Museum
  • Regional Museums of Guadalajara


Tijuana is Mexico’s gateway into the U.S. It shares its borders with the U.S. state of California, which means there’s a heavy cultural exchange. It is known for its nightlife, especially the area around La Sexta.

Check out the new downtown (Zona Rio) Club 54 or the many adult entertainment offerings.

How to meet Mexican singles online


Mexico has a vibrant online dating scene, particularly around cities. is a popular platform that brings together locals and expats. It has a simple registration process, has high-quality Latino/Latina profiles, and offers many search filters to choose from.

There are multiple communication channels that you can use, like:

  • email
  • instant chat
  • video chat

Besides, there are paid features such as “choose a present,” that lets you send both virtual and physical gifts to your love interests.

There is a hybrid pricing model for paid memberships, which is worth the money if you plan to spend weeks in the country.

The best part is that it has lots of free features that will give you a good feeling about the site before making a commitment.

Safety and Security in Mexico

There are many crime stories based in Mexico, and there is an element of truth to them.

It is common for drug cartels to resort to gang wars for controlling the lucrative border areas for transportation. There are advisories issued by consulates against traveling to the northern border areas unless necessary.

A safe border area

The good bit is that U.S. – Mexico border is amongst the busiest in the world and the tourists are largely unaffected. Mexico gets a world record inflow of tourists who make a significant contribution to its economy, prompting the government to ensure their safety.

A few safety tips

Other than the border situation, the country is as safe as the South American countries of Brazil and Venezuela. That being said, you can never be too cautious, and we recommend these safety measures for a pleasant stay:

  • Getting around – Always use government-authorized Sitio taxis in Mexico City or internet-based services such as Uber and Cabify for getting around.
  • Dress simple – Do not invite attraction by wearing excessive jewelry and keep your dressing casual/simple.
  • Avoid cash – Pay electronically wherever possible. Only withdraw the amount of cash you need and avoid getting into ATMs at night.
  • Watch out for Card Frauds – Card frauds are rampant in Mexico. Never let your card out of sight and ask the waiter to bring you the swipe machine instead of revealing your PIN.
  • Respect the Mexican dating rules we listed above!

Thankfully, tourist routes and popular destinations are well segregated and secure. The places mentioned in this guide are safe to travel to, though we strongly recommend exercising common sense and avoiding walking in deserted streets after dark.

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