Peruvian Girls: How to Date a Peruvian Woman

So, you are all set to embark on your trip to South America and plan to visit their archaeological wonders, including Machu Picchu. Here is what will make your trip more exciting – having a native Peruvian girl for company!

If you are already looking forward to interacting with and dating Peruvian women, read on, and we will help you cover all the bases.

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Homework – things you should know before meeting a Peruvian girl

You’ll have a head start if you know a few basic things about Peru women before asking them out.

Here is a small list that is useful to cover, although not mandatory before you start looking for your Peruvian girlfriend:

Not all Latinas are the same

Even though Peru is a Latin American country, it would be a mistake to assume Peruvian women are just like other Latin American women, such as Brazilian ladies, Venezuelan brides, Mexican girls, or Colombian women.

Besides looks, a Peruvian girl has a different value system and outlook than neighboring countries. They also take great pride in their history and cultural values.

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They live by traditional values

Even though modernity is catching up, women from Peru are generally very close to their families and have an old-fashioned view of traditional gender roles.

Read up about their culture and history, and you will have something to talk about right away.

Just keep things simple

Peru girls are not ones to fall for extra things. Being genuine, keeping things casual, and making your date laugh will guarantee you a good time.

Learn some Spanish

Spanish is their native language, so learning the basics will give you an advantage. If you do not plan to go through the rigor, learn a few conversational words.

You can always ask her to teach you the language as well – it is an excellent way to indicate your interest in them and their culture. Secondly, that will give you more time to spend together.

Are Peruvian Girls Hot? Here’s What They’re Really Like

Peruvian women have the best attributes anyone can want in their partner – they are beautiful, fun-loving, and romantic, yet grounded in the traditional family culture. But what are some of the other reasons you should consider dating hot Peruvian girls? Let’s take a closer look!

Natural beauties

Peruvian Girl

If you are into natural beauty with minimal or no alterations, then you will love Peruvian girls. They are very comfortable in their skin. Whether it is their hair, skin, or even their curves, they will only work to accentuate what is already there. So you do not have to worry about botched features and exaggerated makeup – it just isn’t their style! I mean, just look at these Peruvian models.

They make supportive partners

In addition to getting yourself one of the most beautiful women on the planet, dating a Peruvian lady means that you instantly get a cheerleader. These women are very supportive of the people they love, and this includes both family and friends. So rest assured that your happiness and fulfillment are a priority to her, and she will do whatever it takes to help you out.

Grounded and easy-going personalities

Latin American girls get a bad rep for being too sassy and feisty. While this is true in most parts of Latin America, it is not always the case in Peru. In fact, the average Peruvian woman is incredibly grounded and calm, which is perfect if you do not know how to or want to deal with a firecracker.

Loyal to their partners and families

Another awesome perk you have to look forward to when dating Peruvian girls is their unwavering loyalty. When they love someone, they do so with all of their being, which shows in their devotion.

And we’re not just talking about the fact that you do not have to worry about infidelity. The loyalty of most Peruvian girls extends to standing with you through the good times and the bad, and it is truly a special thing.

Perfect homemakers

Beautiful Peruvian women might be strong and progressive, but this has not quelled their natural homemaker instincts. She is the type of woman who will have no problem taking up the feminine roles in the home.

However, for you to get this, you have to be ready to play the role of the man in the house. Do not expect her to cook and clean while you bum around all day doing nothing. 

Three myths about Peru women that are not true

Dating Peruvian Ladies

There are a lot of good things that can be said about beautiful Peruvian women. However, there are still several unflattering misconceptions about them floating around in the international dating scene. Below are 3 of them that are completely baseless.

They are easy

Like most Latina women, Peruvians have a reputation for being very sexy and sensual. From their beautiful looks to their sultry accents, it is easy to see why this is the general opinion. However, a lot of people mistake this effortless sex appeal for moral looseness. It could not be any further from the truth!

These women have very strong values instilled in them by the heavily religious societies where they grew up in. While not all of them are pure and saving themselves for marriage, many of them value themselves enough to want to build a connection before getting intimate.

They are gringo hunters

You will hear this myth a lot from both local girls and foreigners alike. It is simply not true. Peruvian women are very open-minded and will date anyone they find interesting and attractive. It doesn’t really matter the country on your passport.

The bottom line is that you will have to work just as hard to get her interested. And when you do get there, you can rest assured that her intentions are genuine.

They only date foreigners to scam them

“She is just after you for the money.”

“It is a green card scam, dude.”

It is a major concern in Latin America when it comes to international dating, and Peru is no different. People assume that a sexy goddess from the south would not be interested in a basic-looking foreigner without ulterior motives. While this does happen occasionally, the number of scammers is just a drop in the ocean compared to the number of genuine Peruvian girls looking for love.

How to meet Peruvian women

Dating Peruvian Women

By now, you know that the average Peruvian girl is a mix of tradition and modernity. Your approach to finding your perfect match should be guided by the place in Peru you are in.

Meeting women in different cities

If you are in a big city like Cusco or Lima, you can take the good old direct approach to ask girls out in ordinary places.

Peruvian singles often frequent:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Clubs
  • Shopping centers


Cusco is often equated to Vegas, given its international vibe and reputation for easy hook-ups. You have a good chance of meeting single girls club-hopping or shopping. It is a very vibrant city and has plenty of shopping destinations and exciting nightlife.


In Lima, we strongly recommend places like Barranco and Miraflores. You can easily find affordable accommodation in these areas. Once you have a base, venture out to explore clubs and shopping malls like Jockey Plaza and Larcomar. These are famous stops among single Peruvian women.


Arequipa is one of Peru’s smaller cities, but it is jam-packed with culture and beauty. If you are looking for the more traditional olive-skinned Peru girl, then this is where you can find them. In addition to their exotic looks, women here are not easy, so be prepared to work really hard to get and keep her interested.

Online platforms


Peruvian women, although traditionally conservative, have kept up with the times and embraced technology. They are open to online dating and use dating websites frequently. Think of an interesting bio for yourself, and pick out a cool photograph to upload before you get started!

Coming to trusted online platforms, is a good place to start. Other than their looks, you will know the necessary information about the women you come across and get an idea of their overall personalities.

latin-woman-love-review is another site where you can meet women in Peru. The site has a great collection of Latina profiles. The best part is that you can set your expectations (and know theirs). Though the number of English-speaking girls is rising in Peru, you can always set that as your criteria to overcome the language barrier.

No matter how you meet your first date, bear in mind that first impression is everything. Spend some time grooming yourself, wear an attractive cologne, and you will be noticed.

Started dating a Peruvian woman? Here are a few tips to follow

Now that you have done the hard work of finding yourself a Peruvian date, harder work begins. No point in getting a date if you screw up the opportunity to make a great first impression!

These tips will help you woo Peruvian women with ease:

Be yourself

Peru ladies are sweet and friendly but not naïve – they will see right through you if you pretend to be someone you’re not. Our advice? Be your original, gentle self, and do not try to act out of your character to impress her.

Be straightforward in asking her out

Once you have established that you like the girl and long for her, ask her out straight away. Do not beat around the bush, as girls like decisive, direct men. Even if you met her online, just ask! If you dilly-dally too much, she might be put off, assuming you are not interested.

Plan your date well

Be sure about the time and place, whether it is a nature-walk, a dinner at a restaurant, or an evening full of dance and drinks. If you take your date to a restaurant, try to find a place that serves her favorite multi-course cuisine. Be sure to let her know well in advance so that she has time to prepare.

Keep the first date simple

As long as you make her feel important, a date can mean just hanging out at a bar over a beer or a dance night in a club. Even a nature walk, sightseeing, or experiencing the local cuisine can work. Keep the focus on companionship, not extravagance.

Keep conversations interesting and pay attention to what she has to share. Take an interest in her life and let her loosen up.

Dress like a gentleman

Whether you met online or impromptu at a dance bar or a public place, the first date is your best chance to show her what you are actually like.

Be yourself, but be your best self! A jacket, jeans, and nice shoes work best. Your attire should convey that even though it is a casual occasion, you take her company seriously.

If possible, pick her up and drop her back. Pulling chairs, opening the doors, getting the check, and complimenting her are universal traits that secure brownie points with women. Chivalry is rapidly dying, and you would do well to show her which side you are on!

Be prepared to go out a lot

Expect to spend a lot of time at parties and other social festivities. Even if you are not the outgoing type, go with the flow, enjoy the experience, and you will have opportunities to bond with your date and her friends.

As Peruvian girls have a friendly nature, do not be surprised if you frequently see a big crowd around. Remember that they’ve grown up in closely bonded societies where everyone knew everyone!

Wrapping It Up

To summarize, you are in for some enjoyable times in Peru if you make some effort preparing yourself for it! You might not find Peruvian brides drop-dead beautiful at first sight, but as you start to get to know them, you will find them fascinating.

As far as Peruvian dating tips are concerned, we recommend you to be elegant, engage in meaningful conversation, make your date laugh, and pass her a compliment or two (nothing like complimenting her in Spanish!). This way, you are guaranteed some entertaining evenings.

However, if she takes you to meet her family, be on your very best behavior! Chances are they will suspect you of being just another Western tourist playing around. If you decide to take things to the next level and get married, be prepared to marry her entire family!

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