How to Make a Colombian Woman Fall in Love with You, 13 No-Fail Tips

Colombia stands out on a global scale as the second most biodiverse country in the world. This beautiful South American paradise is home to tens of thousands of rare and endangered plants and animals. I mean, where else on earth would you get to see Flor de Mayo orchids in the wild or pink dolphins?

As if this country didn’t have enough going for it, it also has a lot of diversity in terms of beauty. Colombian women are considered to be some of the most beautiful women in the region and the world!

If you are interested in dating one of these women, here are tips on how to make a Colombian woman fall in love with you.

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How To Seduce a Colombian Girl?

If you want to seduce a Colombian you first need to understand what are Colombian women like and what they want in a man!

Take Initiative

These women appreciate a man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go for it. So if you like what you see, then make your move – she will not be on the market for long.

Be Confident

As with any other Latina beauty, Colombian women, too, value confidence very highly. They want a man who oozes machismo. However, there is a fine line between being confident and being cocky. Do not cross it.

Offer Her Security

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That means a whole lot of things. She wants financial security and assurance that you can take care of her. She wants physical security and confidence that you will fight for her if the need arises. And finally, your Columbian lady will want emotional security and a guarantee that you will have eyes for no other woman but her.

Make Her Attracted to You

Colombian women are very sensual and in touch with their sexy femininity. Physical intimacy is, therefore, a huge aspect of the relationship for them. It is highly unlikely that she will settle for you if there is no attraction.

Let Them Have Fun

These girls love to have fun, and they do not want to spend their time with Debby Downer as a boyfriend. They want to be able to go on fun random adventures and explore unconventional hangout ideas. So you might want to take an online class or two on how to get out of your comfort zone.

Show Her Romance

Every Latina girl in this beautiful country has a fairytale dream of their own. Granted, some are more dramatic and unrealistic than others. However, they all want a romantic man who will figuratively, and maybe even literally, sweep her off her feet.

Let Her Know You Are a Family-Oriented Man

Family means everything to Colombia ladies. She will also expect the same of you. If you have issues with your family or even hers, or maybe you don’t want to start one, your chances with her will plummet.

How to impress a Colombian girl?

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Shower her with compliments

These girls are drop dead gorgeous. They know it, and they never get tired of being reminded of it. If you want her to be yours, then keep those compliments coming.

Here are three key secrets of successfully complimenting a Colombian girl:

• Make the compliments regular and consistent.
• Make them public – they love to be shown off.
• Be genuine about it – no generic, poorly thought-out ass-kissing.

Think outside the box with your date ideas

romantic date

One secret of how to get a Latina girlfriend is spoiling her. Take her out on many awesome dates and create memories for the two of you.

So where do Colombian ladies like to go on dates? You asked the right question. Here are a few ideas that should last you long enough to have her smitten.

• Dancing dates. It could be a club, a concert or even a carnival event.
• Street food dates. Unconventional but very fun.
• Romantic dinner dates for when she wants to be a little fancy.
• Hikes on the many beautiful Colombian nature trails.
• A fun day at the beach.
• Moonlight picnics.
• Museum and art gallery visits, especially in the big towns and cities.
• Anything else you might feel inspired to turn into a date.

Pay attention to your appearance

Remember that these women are big on physical attraction. Before you panic and start looking for a country where women have lower standards, there is some hope for everyone.

No, there is nothing you can do about that bald spot or jawline or lack of extra height. But it’s okay. Colombian women are not shallow like that!

If you are well kept with proper grooming and a decent fashion sense, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to get them to look your way. The trick is to ensure that your confidence is strong enough to blind them to your looks, or lack thereof.

Do not hold back on the romantic gestures

Another tip on how to get a Latina to fall in love with you is to be a real romantic gentleman, be affectionate and give her lots of attention. That means the whole works from offering jackets to paying for all the dates. It is a sign that you can provide the different forms of security that they crave so much. It’s also a great way to remind her that she is wanted and to make her feel special.

Need a few ideas for romantic gestures? Here you go:

• Get her flowers.
• Get her tickets to her favorite show.
• Plan romantic dinners where you get to spend time alone.
• Always remind her of your love – texts, notes, and calls should do.
• Pull, chairs, open doors, and everything else that is in the unwritten gentleman’s handbook.

Make an effort to learn about her culture

Another effective secret on how to get a Latina woman is by showing interest in her culture. Get to know where she is from and what life is like there.

If you can, try to learn the language. It will make your interactions more natural and show that you are committed to something long term.

Finally, and probably most importantly, leave the Colombian and Latina stereotypes at the door. So no Pablo Escobar and feisty Latina jokes.

Make friends with her friends and family

Latinas in love tend to make a whole family affair out of their relationships. It means you might find yourself attending dinner with her parents, siblings, nana, and that weird second cousin while just on your 4th date.

Do not freak out, that’s entirely normal for them! Instead, embrace it and make an effort to bond with those who mean the most to her.

Bottom line

With these Colombian dating tips and insider knowledge, you have all you need to make a Colombian lady fall in love with you and maybe marry a Colombian woman one day!

Now all you have to do is find one. You could try online dating sites, use social media, or even visit the country. However it is that your love story will begin, you will enjoy your happily ever after with your Latina babe!

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