How To Navigate Bisexual Dating In An Online World

Navigating bisexual dating online follows almost similar steps to traditional dating. However, it involves some uniqueness due to the complexities of bisexuals and the larger LGBTQ community. These issues include societal biases, misconceptions, and personal fears when exploring unconventional sexual fantasies. The digital era has only amplified these issues despite providing efficient means for bisexuals to meet potential partners via online dating platforms. That said, here are some helpful tips on navigating bisexual dating online in this modern age.

Choose the Right Platform

Dating apps and websites are set to cater to specific emotional needs, and bisexuals are not an exception. When looking for a bisexual partner, research and choose inclusive platforms with a large user base or one that serves bisexuals only. Additionally, if you’re seeking casual flings, one-night stands, or long-term serious relationships, there is just the right site for you. Finding the ideal platform and tools is easy once you have identified your needs and preferences.

Be Open About Your Identity

When creating your online dating profile, be straightforward about your sexual orientation. Being bold and confident with your sexuality helps attract like-minded singles. Also, it helps keep jokers or people who want to take advantage of your insecurities from using you. That notwithstanding, you should also be open about what you seek in a partner. While it would be wrong for someone to waste your time, it is also not right for you to do the same to someone else. Do not fall for the urge to fake it for a quick fix. What is meant to be will be.

State Your Dos and Don’ts

Engage in open and respectful communication with your potential matches. Take charge of the conversation and avoid any attempts to divert the attention to personal issues. At the very early stages of the relationship, set boundaries and rules of engagement. For instance, if you are often busy during the day or can’t take calls past a certain time in the evening, let your partner know in advance. Let them also know taboo topics you’d rather avoid and enquire about theirs. Things can easily get out of hand in a space where everyone has absolute freedom of expression. So, it’s only safe to be clear on these dos and don’ts.

Engage Respectfully

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While we are far into the modern era, not everyone is familiar with bisexuality or the nuances of the LGBTQ+ community. You will find all kinds of people on dating platforms, from curious single who are yet to discover themselves to adventure seekers looking for a different experience, like gay dating or lesbian dating. So, don’t take offense when someone doesn’t understand your preferences or mistakes your intentions. You can take time to explain yourself, but if it’s a matter of utter ignorance, walk away and don’t look back. 

Beware of Biphobia

Unfortunately, biphobia is still prevalent in the dating world as it was years back. There is a very common misleading stereotype that bisexuals are straight people experimenting with different experiences. Hence, once you’re down this road, brace yourself for a fight against misconceptions, stereotypes, and ignorance. However, don’t settle for anyone who dismisses or looks down on your identity, even if you think you’re in love. Also, be careful about sharing personal information like your address, as it would make it easier for malicious users to find you.

Meet in Safe Spaces 

Safety is key when arranging to meet someone in person for the first time. Ensure you only meet with potential partners you can trust based on your online interactions. Discussing the rules of interaction with your match beforehand is also important. Choose public places where you feel comfortable and can easily leave anytime. Inform a friend or family member about your plans and location so that they can check up on you. Catfishing is also pretty common on matchmaking platforms. So, make a video call before meeting in person to confirm their identity.

Date with an Open Mind

Bisexual dating is non-conservative given the traditional way of doing things and would, therefore, need an open mind. Don’t be afraid to sift through many options to choose what best suits you. Be open-minded and consider potential partners regardless of their backgrounds or social circle. Focus on compatibility, shared interests, and emotional connection. Acknowledge that you might struggle with stereotypes, too, affecting your ability to connect with potential partners. Hence, moderate your expectations and appreciate people’s uniqueness rather than judging them from your cognitive biases.

Avoid Fetishization

Some people fetishize bisexuality because of the misleading view that bisexuals cannot choose between dating men or women. They are also perceived to have a greater libido and are more likely to engage in threesomes. These are among the most common misconceptions you can expect from some online daters. So, look for partners genuinely interested in getting to know you as a person rather than focusing solely on your sexual orientation.

Celebrate Diversity

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Bisexual dating appreciates diversity. Hence, instead of hiding in the closet for fear of judgment, you should be celebrating this gift. Additionally, you don’t have to do it alone because it can be very lonely; matchmaking platforms make finding a like-minded partner effortless. More importantly, use this opportunity to understand more about yourself and your preferences.

Take Your Time

Online dating can be overwhelming, and taking breaks from online dating platforms is okay if needed. Don’t rush into anything if you’re not ready but rather enjoy the journey of seeking your partner. Don’t let a match rush you into a relationship or physical intimacy. Focus on forming meaningful connections rather than having shallow bonds with multiple partners. 


It’s important to remember that dating, regardless of sexual orientation, is a journey of self-discovery, growth, and continuous learning from each experience. Be patient with yourself and your partner, but prioritize your well-being. Subsequently, understand that how other people treat you reflects how much you value yourself. So, don’t let anyone disrespect you and get away with it!

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