Why Should Women Make the First Move

“Should it be men or women that make the first move on AmoLatina.com or in online dating in general?

This can be quite a controversial topic. On the one hand, we are all culturally conditioned to assume it should be men because it has always been that way. On the other hand, numbers show that more and more men would prefer it to be women. Looking at the research, we see that there is a problem with this. Namely, only around one in ten women dare be the one who approaches first.

Following are some of the many good reasons why it should be women who make the first move:

Taking a Hint

This is something that has happened to all of us – some people just cannot take a hint:

Assuming that others can read your mind will hinder your chances of getting a date. With that frame of mind, it’s possible that you’ve already accidentally let some potential matches go. Instead of waiting for someone to magically know you are into them and approach you, why not go for it yourself?

The Shyness Factor

Dating, in general, is much easier for extroverted people and those that do not fall under this category are probably not going to approach you. The assumption that all guys automatically dare to ask out a really attractive woman is a rather naive one. And an ancient one. The underlying notion being that men must always be up for it.

Points for Confidence

There are not many things more attractive than a person who is confident. Seriously. Not being afraid of rejection simply is hot. Not to mention that you are paying the guy a nice compliment. Men, just like women want to feel attractive, instead of always being the one that makes others feel that way.

You Are Likely to Get a Positive Response

This, of course, cannot be said with absolute certainty but it is likely to be true. Simply out of curiosity alone, they will want to say yes. Think about it. It can easily be the first time that a woman has asked them out first. Keep in mind that you might get a negative response though – he may already be taken.

Not Waiting for Life to Happen to You

A good reason to be the first one to make a move is that you do not have to sit around and wait for life to happen to you. While some people have a lot of patience, most of us are lacking in that area. Having the guts to go for it means not getting anxious, wondering if the guy will ever do it.

Breaking the Norm is Liberating

That applies to both men and women. However, you do face potential risks. Society has had dating rules in place for hundreds of years, and those that dare step out of the box may experience some backlash.

The most probable consequence is that people will judge you as being too confident. We all know what they say about women who are overly eager to go out with guys.

But don’t be scared! Just brush that antiquated notion aside and go for it. You will thank yourself later on.”



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