Ways to look more attractive on your online dating profile

Do you want to get a message on your dating site? Have you been waiting for any of your many views to become actual hook-ups? Are you wondering where you are going wrong? Worry not. We’re here to help with that.

First, you need to know that getting instant hits on your dating profile is no longer something that can simply be achieved by a well-filtered photo. It takes more than a photo with the Eiffel tower as the background to get you a hookup. Below are a couple of traits that, when listed on your profile, will make you seem more attractive, get a thumbs up and a click right away.

What’s so great about them? Your bank account doesn’t have to bleed nor do you need to go under the knife for these.

Ways to look more attractive for Men

Physically fit (+96%)

Listing fitness on your profile as a man has been shown to get you almost a 100% positive response. After all, who wouldn’t want a gym partner or even a trainer if you are lucky enough?


Travel here is the kryptonite. Traveling is such an appealing thing in a man. Unless of course, your destination of choice is the Amazon, in which case, thank you next!


I once read that the best way to end an argument with a lady is to offer her food. As far as your profile is concerned this is true. Women are 75% likely to respond to a man who loves food. Contrary to what they may make you believe, women love eating, in smaller portions maybe, but eating none the less.


After all who doesn’t want to have breakfast in bed and supper in Alaska? Women love a man who can shift and change and is open to the idea of adventure and new experiences.


Most women hold strong convictions on politics, on religion and all matters human rights. While abs may get you the girl, your ability to articulate real-life issues will keep her.

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Ways to look more attractive for women

Health and exercise

Your desire to be healthy and your continual efforts to be healthier wor well on your profile. Do not shy away from telling us how many times a week you do yoga; we want to know!


Men eat just as much as women do- or even more. Saying you love food will not make you a glutton, nay, it will get you a spouse. Or who knows? A chef friend, a fellow food enthusiast? The point is, your love for food is a great selling point.


More than a partner, sometimes all a man or woman wants is someone to start and raise a family with. For women, listing love for family as one of your traits is a sure guarantee that you will get positive feedback. Maybe not from a goodtime Charlie but from someone who appreciates the value of family.


Maybe learning ballet at an early age was for the ultimate good. If you don’t know how to dance, however, do not shy away from indicating your desire to learn. Salsa is so much better with a partner.

In conclusion, maybe it’s time we bring to light all those things about us we feel are “not profile-worthy,” and embrace them. After all, how else shall we find love?



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