Dating App Tips: How to succeed on dating sites

We all want to succeed in finding the right person to share our life with. However, since mobile app dating has become the norm, some of the rules for dating have changed.

There are a couple of things you need to work on to succeed in finding a match through app dating. or to have success on dating sites.

What You Must Do to Find the Right Match Through Mobile App Dating

Since the rules of engagement have changed, you have to know a few dating app tips to succeed in the game called mobile app dating. You may be thinking that it’s all a matter of completing your profile, but it takes so much more than that:

1. Carefully Chosen Photos

We usually upload whatever photo we have on our phone – bathroom selfies, mirror selfies, and the like included. Always remember that your photos will be the first things that a potential match will see. They’re going to help form the first impression of you. Instead of random selfies, try:

• Nice photos of you on vacation
• Photos of you smiling
• Upload some pic of you doing a hobby

2. Compose an Interesting Bio

Isn’t it easier to focus on the photos and leave your bio blank? Yes, it would be, but research has shown that 98% of men who have a blank bio are less likely to get a match. There are a lot of things to consider when you are composing a bio. Just make sure that you avoid:

• Generic and cheesy lines
• Too much boasting
• Awkward humor
• Lines with double meanings

Try putting in what you do in your free time, your current hobby, describe a movie that you thought was amazing, and so on. Since bios are shorter than website dating profile descriptions, pick a topic and then briefly talk about it to show off your personality. It will definitely make finding love online easier.

3. Set Your Pickiness Aside

More often than not, we have an unrealistic ideal of how our perfect match should be. It’s great to have a preference, but it may be stopping you from finding the right person to love. Instead of sticking strictly to the traits of a person you want to meet, open your mind and give people a chance. Be open to those with personalities and traits you wouldn’t normally be attracted to. You might just be surprised.

4. Know Your App

When you have already done the first three items on this list, the next thing to do is explore the features of your mobile dating app. For example, let’s say you have AmoLatina’s android dating app on your phone. Did you know that it has a feature called “Let’s Mingle”? It lets you send out a message to a specific group of people. Instead of visiting one profile after the other, you can send one message to everyone you like with a few clicks. Other handy AmoLatina features to explore are:

• Search
• Online Chat
• Email Correspondence
• Browse profiles

If you know how to use your mobile dating app properly, it’s going to help you find a match faster.
As you see, mobile app dating isn’t as simple as just completing your dating profile. It includes plenty of other factors that make your profile seem well thought out. If you put in the effort to make your mobile app dating profile stand out, it definitely will. If you want to know more about the AmoLatina  dating app, head to



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